(Mobile ebook) International Business Law and the Legal Environment: A Transactional Approach

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International Business Law and the Legal Environment: A Transactional Approach

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Author : Larry A. DiMatteo
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Description : International Business Law and the Legal Environment provides business students with a strong understanding of the legal principles that govern doing business internationally. Not merely about compliance, this book emphasizes how to use the law to create value and competitive advantage.DiMatteorsquo;s transactional approach walks students through key business transactionsmdash;from import and export, contracts, and finance to countertrade, dispute resolution, licensing, and moremdash;giving them both context and demonstrating real world application. This new edition also includes:New material on comparative contract and sales law European private law; joint ventures and collaborative alliances.A new part on foreign direct investment that includes a chapter on emerging markets.New chapters on privacy law, and on environmental concerns.Greater coverage of the World Trade Organization.”Case highlights” and court opinions that feature edited court transcripts which expose students to actual legal reasoning and an understanding of the underlying legal principles. These decisions are drawn from a broad range of countries, offering a truly international look at the subject.Students of business law and international business courses will find DiMatteorsquo;s clear writing style easy to follow. A companion web site includes an instructorrsquo;s manual, PowerPoints, and other tools to provide additional support for students and instructors.

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