[Download pdf] CONFESSIONS OF A CORPORATE SHAMAN: Healing the Organizational Soul

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CONFESSIONS OF A CORPORATE SHAMAN: Healing the Organizational Soul

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Author : Harrison Snow
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Description : Compared to technology, management practices have not really changed much over time. The typewriter and mimeograph machine are artifacts from a lost civilization. Ironically, the way we solve problems, make decisions and resolve issues are also artifacts from that past. The grooves in our brains keep us from embracing new ways of perceing and understanding. Complexity becomes overwhelming when we limit our mental bandwidth this way. Confessions of a Corporate Shaman is about expanding our personal bandwidth. There is a field of greater intelligence available to us. If we embody the parts of a problem and arrange them as a system we can tap into that intelligence and benefit from what we learn. A big problem quickly shrinks. Opaque complexity gains clarity and simplicity. This visual process, powered by the nearly limitless power of the subconscious mind, generates transformative insights and new possibilities. The shaman in some traditions is ldquo;the one who sees.rdquo; Everyone has this innate capacity. The invitation between these covers is to embark on your personal herorsquo;s journey. Whether your challenge is about leading others, leading yourself or trying to understand and resolve the obstacles to organizational change the place to start is within yourself. The compass that will guide you is to be the change you want to see in others. As you explore the inner dynamics that shape your world hopefully you will feel inspired to embrace those dynamics as an essential part of your mission and leadership path.

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