[Library ebook] Connections Count: Master the Human Side of Business

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Connections Count: Master the Human Side of Business

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Author : Barb Lundy
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Description : Connections Count, Master the Human Side of BusinessBynbsp;Barb Lundynbsp;Pick up Forbes, Bloomberg or Entrepreneur magazine, and yoursquo;ll find an article about the need for more employees with soft skills. The word ldquo;softrdquo; sounds easy and inconsequential and nothing like work. Human Resources coined the term decades ago.Every company needs people who can communicate, solve problems, and think critically. Soft skills build the successful relationships that foster trust and loyalty.This book works like a manual. It featured the top sixteen skills businesses look for when hiring. You direct your learning and build on what you already know. You can create personal benchmarks or link your progress to professional development goals. Use your active projects to test out strategies and enhanced perspectives. You can improve your writing, bring new insights to meetings and identify patterns and trends. nbsp;nbsp;Accessible Format Helps You ProgresSkill Overview: Learn why each skill matters in business.You Know How to Do This: Adapt what you knowProcess: Review step-by-step procedures for each business ability.Businesses Examples: Real-world application of strategies in different industries.Put It to Work: Practice what you learn in your work projects.Additional Exercises: Exercises give you more opportunity to practice the skill.Resources: Books and websites for additional learning.Who Can Benefit?People working in every industryEmployees who want to expand their business relationship skillsManagers interested in increasing communication, negotiation and conflict management skillsSmall business owners who want to cultivate loyalty and referralsnbsp;nbsp;

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