[Library ebook] Corporate Environmental Management 1: Systems and Strategies (Environmental Management Set)

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Corporate Environmental Management 1: Systems and Strategies (Environmental Management Set)

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Author : From Routledge
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Description : This volume presents a comprehensive analysis of the role of business in safeguarding the environment. It introduces general issues and context, and then gives a detailed, critical examination of all the key tools of corporate environmental management systems and standards: environmental policies, guidelines and charters, environmental auditing, life-cycle assessment, the measurement of environmental performance, and environmental reporting. The book emphasizes systems-based environmental management, and also considers how such an approach might be integrated within local authorities and small and medium-sized companies. It then extends the systems approach to cover continuous environmental improvement, building a corporate environmental profile and moving towards sustainability. Written in a clear and informative style with checklists, explanatory notes and references for further reading, the book draws on the existing environmental strategies of a number of leading firms. Each chapter is written by contributors involved in ongoing research and consultancy in their specialist area. The book’s focus makes it useful reading, not only for students and researchers, but also for managers faced with the challenge of introducing environmental management strategies into their own organizations.

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