(Ebook pdf) Crooked Mind: Creating an Innovative Society

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Crooked Mind: Creating an Innovative Society

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Author : Kiran Karnik
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Description : Innovation is now a key goal for organizations and governments, a sure recipe for growth, success and often, survival. But what is innovation? Is it the same as improvisation? And how does jugaad fit into the definition of innovation? Innovation ranges from invention based on cutting-edge technological research to the makeshift jugaad vehicle; from new products to improvisations in music. It has different facets, depending upon onersquo;s perspective, rather like the fable of the five blind men and the elephant, each of whom draws his own conclusion depending upon the part of the elephant he touches.This book looks at the idea of innovation, its relevance for companies in todayrsquo;s day and age, whether innovation leads to concrete benefits or not, and why it is necessary for organizations, governments and even individuals to constantly innovate.

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