[DOWNLOAD] Developing Minds: Psychology, neoliberalism and power (Concepts for Critical Psychology)

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Developing Minds: Psychology, neoliberalism and power (Concepts for Critical Psychology)

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Author : Elise Klein
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Description : Development policy makers and practitioners are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to target lsquo;developmentrsquo; interventions and the psychological domain is now a specific frontier of their interventional focus. This landmark study considers the problematic relationship between development and psychology, tracing the deployment of psychological knowledge in the production/reproduction of power relations within the context of neoliberal development policy and intervention. It examines knowledge production and implementation by actors of development policy such as the World Bank and the neo-colonial state – and ends by examining the proposition of a critical psychology for more emancipatory forms of development. The role of psychology in development studies remains a relatively unexplored area, with limited scholarship available. This important book aims to fill that gap by using critical psychology perspectives to explore the focus of the psychological domain of agency in development interventions. It will be essential reading for students, researchers, and policy makers from fields including critical psychology, social psychology, development studies and anthropology.

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