(Ebook pdf) Diversity in Multinational Corporations (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies)

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Diversity in Multinational Corporations (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies)

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Author : Roxana Maiorescu, Brenda Wrigley
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Description : Globalization, information and communication technologies, and the millennials who have entered the workforce, compelled corporations to change their resistant and defensive approaches to diversity and to proactively address differences. Companies determined that embracing diversity positively impacts their bottom line, as a result of the variety of perspectives and skills that derive from fostering a diverse workforce. To date, the majority of the studies in the business and communication fields shed light on diversity engagement in the US and leave room for the further exploration of how diversity is construed and approached in international milieus. There is a paucity of recent studies on diversity engagement in the US and the topic requires current investigation of the newest corporate engagement in diversity. Diversity in Multinational Corporations aims to address the two gaps in the literature.For this purpose, the book analyzes the diversity approaches of twenty-eight US companies from ten industries to develop a theoretical framework whose practical application enables companies to make significant contributions to the environments in which they operate. The framework addresses the present challenges that American corporations face in their diversity engagement, namely low employee engagement and “diversity fatigue,” and proposes the implementation of a new social responsibility approach, whose aim is to address inequality at a global scale by adaption to the local environment and less focus on immediate business benefits. Finally, because the book discusses diversity engagement in global business environments, its results can be applied by international companies that operate at a global scale.

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