[Mobile pdf] Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States To Personal Empowerment

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Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States To Personal Empowerment

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Author : Rachel Lynn
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Description : The purpose of this book is to empower YOU to take the wheel of life and become an assertive driver by learning how to transform adversity into high-grade fuel on YOUR journey toward success. nbsp;Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States to Personal Empowerment offers you a driverrsquo;s view of what keeps your gear shift stuck in park on the road of life. Author Rachel Lynn illustrates what keeps you from setting goals and accelerating toward them and challenges you to realize that you hold the key to your own life experiences. nbsp; Following the analogy of driving your car, Rachel helps you identify items stored in your trunk that weigh you down emotionally and keep you from moving forward. She supplies you with crucial tools to carry with you in case you break down or run out of gas; demonstrates how thoughts serve as your life GPS; assists you in developing a clear vision for the futuremdash;steering you away from focusing on what is in the rear-view mirror; educates you on how to regain your spark, embrace detours and prevent them from turning into roadblocks, and when to stay in your own lane by setting personal boundaries and not comparing yourself to others. nbsp; Make a wrong turn? Rachel challenges you to recognize when it is time to change gears and go in a different direction while helping you develop an internal sense of self-confidence and motivation to get behind the wheel. nbsp; This book draws from othersrsquo; real life experiences to challenge you to closely examine what lies underneath the hood of your car in regard to your thinking and personal beliefs and how you can redirect your thoughts to accelerate toward the life you desire. nbsp;

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