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Entrepreneurship Development

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Description : This book is a modest attempt to acquaint students with the basics of entrepreneurship and the prevailing entrepreneurial climate in India. Motivating young brains to explore and follow entrepreneurial pursuits by educating them about its challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards is the prime objective of this introductory text. In the course of writing the present book, special care has been taken to elaborate on a number of ideas, theories and concepts so as to help readers explore and understand various aspects and dimensions of entrepreneurship. Wherever needed, the contents are supplemented with suitable examples and cases in order to make reading more interesting and relevant. The book also presents a comprehensive coverage of few niche areas of study, namely lsquo;Creativity, Innovation and Value Creationrsquo;, lsquo;Family-owned Businessesrsquo; and lsquo;Rural Entrepreneurshiprsquo;.The book conforms to the syllabi of B.A. and BBA of many universities and hence it is suitable for their course study. Besides, the EDP trainers and motivators associated with government institutes (NISEBUD, MSME, NIMSME, SIDO, TCOS, CEDs and ITIs) may also find this book of immense value to them.

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