[Free download] Exclusion: Strategies for Improving Diversity in Recruitment, Retention and Promotion

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Exclusion: Strategies for Improving Diversity in Recruitment, Retention and Promotion

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Author : Natalie Holder-Winfield
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Description : The subtle actions that make an employee feel like an outsider in the workplace, and impact todayrsquo;s professional work environments are termed micro-inequities, and this extensively-researched book offers workable strategies for changing the behaviors that create them. You’ll find valuable information, including:bull; examples of the micro-inequities that have created cultures of exclusion bull; the common syndromes of workplace adversity and the reasons behind organizational attritionbull; best practices and strategies for eliminating micro-inequities in the workplace, and much more!This is an essential resource for anyone who has ever felt alone and marginalized or for anyone who seeks to become an ally in the quest for inclusive workplace cultures. This book is certain to help your firm or organization realize a workforce where their employees feel connected to their work and the organizational mission.

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