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Bolt-in swivelling Wrap Brackets B 23A and B 23B brackets allow snap-on installation where eye-bolts do not have enough space or access to the anchor point or if restricted seat adjustment is impaired when an eye-bolt is installed. Safe harness belt functioning requires belt and bracket alignment during a crash. Its rigidity also increases the likeliness of clavicle [shoulder] fractures. Pull webbing through to adjust the proper length. In this case, the strap end now protrudes from the down side of the LV 4.

Recently developed head and neck supports or restraints, however, allow further reduction of head deceleration and neck forces. Change assembly and installation to provide proper swivelling. Therefore SCHROTH provides bolt-in brackets only with sleeved bushings for swivelling or alternatively special designed stainless steel brackets which can be aligned with the direction of pull at the time of installation.

Persons not meeting the minimum weight and body size, as set forth below, may not benefit from this design feature. Bolt-in Bracket B 18 This bracket is mainly used for 5-point anti-sub straps.


Choose from bolts with grade 8. Follow the procedure below to make sure the minimum yoke to merge distance is met: Optimal performance of your racing harness requires proper installation and proper use. Assemble as shown in drawing below. This is achieved by sitting on the anti-submarining straps, routing them rearwards and attaching them in the region near or on the lap belt anchorages. This significantly reduces the risk of webbing tear and cut.


Bolts must fit to the thread dimension of the anchorage chosen. This requirement can be achieved by following the instructions set forth below: Assembly is commonly done by using a 3-bar slide.

Schroth asm autocontrol abe download

In case gute do not swivel check for the proper assembling and torque or any other reason which may restrict the bracket from free swivelling. The last year of FIA validity is indicated on the label. They are valid for two years from that date of manufacture. Make sure the T-bar ends of the —6 point models point away from your body. The belt can fail in a subsequent accident causing serious injuries or death.

Improper belt positioning may result in reduced safety performance or even malfunction of the racing harness. Pull at the load taking strap and the bracket to make sure, the webbing is properly clamped by the wrap hardware.

Bolt-in Bracket B Select direction of angled bracket. Do not install a lap belt directly to a roll cage by wrap around technique. Wrap strap end around roll bar again [third loop] and thread through DRing slide again.

No thread turn must remain free from the lock nut. Any gurtr hole for racing harness attachment must be strengthened by a reinforcement plate meeting FIA specification see list of accessories on Page 62 SCHROTH recommends, whenever possible and suitable, the use of existing factory provided anchor schrith for the lap- and shoulder belts. Improperly tightened bolts may loosen during harness belt use and may become separated during a crash.


What was considered acceptable in the early and mids has changed and evolved as the result of currently available data.

Multiple bends in opposite directions will weaken the material and the bracket may fail during an accident. Heating webbing may make the material shrink and the precisely designed elongation rate will be changed.

This position will allow adjustment without interfering in an uncomfortable manner with your upper thighs. Severe injury or death could result.

Unintended elongation and severe head impact, resulting in severe injuries or death, may occur. In more reclined seating positions, the pelvic load will be reduced to approx.

Installation- and Operating Instructions for Racing Harnesses

General Instructions Xchroth help reduce the risk of serious injury in an accident: Make sure the webbing is not damaged during bracket bending or the webbing may fail during an accident. Always read and heed all instructions in this manual carefully. Replace it immediately, cut the old belt in half, and discard the old belt so that gurt cannot be used again.

Severe injury or death may occur. Extreme head deceleration loads, spine stress and neck tension may occur to cause basal scull and spinal fractures and resultant severe injury or death. The seat structure may be impaired or sharp edges of the seat frame may damage the racing harness webbing. This harness belt, when properly installed and used according to applicable instructions can scuroth injury.

The webbing must be wrapped tightly!