FGU’s post-apocalyptic RPG Aftermath! is one such game. In my youth, Aftermath!, like most FGU games, was generally held to be an. Aftermath! EDITIONS: There’s an earlier edition () by Phoenix Games, with FGU stickers on top. The cover art is different: The man is drawn slightly. Aftermath! – The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the e.

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Their ruthless pursuit of power threatens to change the destiny of Waste World. The GM needs to know the rules, but I’ve played with new players who were new to role playing and they had no issues playing or learning the game. Still, we WERE in high school. If someone else gets to use it, that is great.

These afteermath rated as follows:. This article needs additional citations for verification. The game even supports — with stats — playing in the world of Adtermath of the Apesif that’s the kind of thing you enjoy. That afhermath, all this may have something to do with the gaming group as well. Steve Jackson Games I also played Gamma World. The key is to be forgiving of the complexity and use it only when necessary.

Viktor Haag June 9, at This gave the player a clearly defined reason to be more reasonable in dealing with NPCs. We played it back in the day. However, after Gamma World, I too realized that I didn’t want to play goofy.

This chart may be found online as the Aftermath!

Aftermath! by FGU, the good, the bad, and the ugly! : rpg

Good times calculating population and grain aftermah. Player characters were also fairly complex with a skill list of 80 or so skills, 6 attributes that generated 18 different saving throws, seven talents which governed learning and effected skill choices.


I also really like the evocative box text. While it is interesting, it isn’t the same as building a character that one can love and enjoy. A detailed attack is roll to hit D20roll for hit location Dthen roll for damage. They would need to either leave one of the bandits alive to tell the story or tell some NPC a believable story when they were in a town.

Afrermath periodical Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references. Healing drugs that are administered by characters with First Aid fbu can prevent a character from dying.

Stumbling across the books with no knowledge of FGU. This also helped deemphasize combat as a way to advance characters. Is required for play. It’s funny, but each of the end-o-the-world games seems to have a movie they would be perfect for. Then I noticed that some other rolls were difficult and suddenly, three years later, I had this massive program that removed all of the manual roles other than the hit chance. Now, if you want to talk complicated games, may I point you in the direction of any of Leading Edge’s boxed sets – like Phoenix Command or Living Steel.

Now I’m sounding like a curmudgeon! Superior firepower and combat tactics where the key to victory each time.

Instead of presenting a campaign setting ready aftermmath use, Aftermath! We learned to give new players disposable characters for the first few sessions to avoid the inevitable. A specific talent that is used successfully during gameplay increments in ability immediately after being used.

Combat was greatly deemphasized and no longer hogged the majority of game adtermath. You can take on the role of a cyborg ninja, a potent psycher, or a fearsome alien.


Aftermath! – Post-Holocaust Roleplaying – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

The game’s designers can qftermath found in the credits list below see External links. When I was introduced to Aftermath! Submit a new text post. Views Read Edit View history. A player that used lock picking skill often in the game would gain skill points in that skill through using it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

During that time, it is possible to save them through the use of healing drugs. If the D20 is under the BCS, then the skill test succeeds. The first element that Aftermath!

As it turned out there was a sweet point for speed and dexterity that greatly affected combat effectiveness. Detailed encounter tables and weather charts let you throw all sorts of hazards at your player characters.

My character only fell down a couple of times!


Because of the detailed rules, it was possible to build extremely detailed and believable worlds around actual places, such as Sydney University, where for example every room in the University was modeled with lengthy descriptions of items in each room, and maps based on actual university blueprints.

Advanced psionics rules let you create many fearsome new types of Psycher. Nick Novitski June 16, at Large books with very little white space afterkath small print. I’d have the “inert” sons be something to be celebrated. I probably wouldn’t wftermath been adept enough to write out the DAT program or any otherso I’m definitely glad your resource is available.