Amy Renfrey is a photography expert from Australia. As the author of digital photography success, she knows all kinds of great techniques to improve your. Recently I sat down with pro photographer Amy Renfrey of the Focus ezine. She’s just returned from a vacation and shared some of the photos she took with me. Amy Renfrey is a photography expert who teaches aspiring photographers topnotch photography techniques through her websites. She has photographed.

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January 18, at I just recently bought a Canon 5DII and the renffey lense you have. Very encouraging video-I will try out suggestions and see what magic they produce.

Taking Better Photos with Amy Renfrey – Digital Photo Secrets

To help other aspiring photographers learn rnefrey secrets renrrey most other pros keep from the rest of the world, Amy released her photography kit, Focus eMagazine.

So glad you are enjoying the video. I am still taking photos. Unlike other professional photographers, Amy did not have formal photography education to back her up.

If you have read about photography, specifically about digital photography and techniques for improving at it, you have probably already come across some of rwnfrey fine work. This online magazine which comes out monthly is usually about 90 pages long and is jam-packed with cool photography information, examples and other tidbits that have really helped me improve as a photographer. I am eighty my first camera was given me when I was seven. January 15, at 2: Amy Renfrey is a photography expert who teaches aspiring photographers topnotch photography techniques through her websites.


Then Focus eMagazine is the resource for you. January 20, at 5: If u r trying to access via the iPad there mayb an issue.

January 16, at I couldnt get it to run thru the iPad. And btw I agree with Amy about sepia tone. The newsletter is completely FREE. Based on photography classes I had taken before, I thought it was important to have at least some video demonstration.

Great Video Thank you so much I renfeey going to purchase her package! January 17, at 6: She has photographed many subjects ranging from ordinary weddings and baby portraits to big events and famous musicians. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Keep up the good work. After that event, Amy started anew renfreg the world of photography, with much better results this time. My best photos are children, my children and grandchildren.

Amy Renfrey photography expert

Amy explains how adjusting the shutter speed actually changes the texture of the water in the photograph by altering the amount of blur in the image. And she has some really special packages now that can include both her eBooks and a subscription to her great photo magazine, Focus.


renfeey My photography newsletter is packed with tips and tricks each and every week. Watch my video course. Pro Photography Photographer Critiques Storage. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

An Interview With Amy Renfrey

renfgey Post Processing for Photographers. Powerful Landscape Photography by Amy Renfrey. Been loving photography for years and know have the time to really dive into it. Many thank Dave and Amy great help to me on wide angle and panarama differeince keep up the great work.

And I tell you what, she took some really stunning rencrey The most important aspect of this eBook is that it shows new camera users how to use a number of built-in features that are commonly found in digital cameras. Powerful Landscape Photography explains the easy steps you can take to bring power, strong presence and magic to your photographs.