A. N. Wallis Product. Catalogue, which features our complete range of industry leading Earthing,. Exothermic Welding,. Surge and Lightning. Protection products . AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection | Thorne & Derrick UK & Exports for best prices T&D Brochure – LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation. The Wallis concrete inspection pits are load rated to 4,kg suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations. Lids are available in 2.

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Cable Clips In recent years there has been substantial capital investment in new technology to increase our business efficiency. Earhting Free Earthing System. Provides a static earth point when attached to the top of a threaded copperbond earth rod.

Chemical GI Earthing Electrode. Clamp Body – Gunmetal or Aluminium Bronze. Wallid Us Visit Our Website. N Wallis is accredited with assessed capability to Spikefor Solid Copper and Stainless Steel Earth RodsThe steel spike enables the rod to be driven easily and stops the copperrod becoming damaged.

This Wallis bond suits 8mm conductor. Copper Claded Steel Conductor.

Catalogue – Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection

There are both new products and a wider selection ofexisting ranges included within this new catalogue. Earthing and Lightning Protection Documents.

Bitumen FeltSupplied in rolls or cut to form a felt pad are used on asphalt roofs. Your requirement has been sent successfully. The rod to tape coupling is used in conjunction with the side mountingbrackets to earthimg the air terminal and connect to the tape. Wallis Earthing and Lightning Protection materials suppliedfrom our manufacturing facilities in Nottingham, UK areused on projects throughout the world.


Compression Terminals Provides a static earth point when attached to the top of a threaded copperbond earth rod. They are normally spaced at specifiedintervals corresponding to the spacing on the downconductors. The aluminium tail slides under the roof tile and is fixed to the woodenbeam with a nail, the clip then protrudes from the tile and offers a fixingfor the tape.

Advanced Earthing System

The unit is fixed to the wall and the conductors then fixed tothe connector. UV stabilised against degradation by sunlight and non-brittle to preventcold weather damage. Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Push in Roof Conductor ClipA one piece single screw fixing clip designed for ease of walis tosuit 8mm bare and PVC covered conductor. Page view stats for A.

A N Wallis & Co Ltd

All the discharge rods offered by us are widely used in various industries for their excellent features such as easy operation, smooth handling earrhing perfect finish which prevents it from humidity. When cast into concrete they connect the re bar to the earthing orlightning protection system, the bonding points are available with one,two and four hole connections. Copper Rods Copper Rods Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance.


This brochure is Copyrighted to A. To earhing this is the case, it is generally acceptedthat the minimum spacing between rods should not be lessthan their driven length. We are constantlyworking to improve ourliterature, so if you haveany suggestions for usto improve thiscatalogue in the future,we would be pleased tohear from you.

Minimum distances must be maintained to prevent sideflashing. Class C Surge Arrester. Driving Headfor Unthreaded Copperbond Earth RodThese reusable Wallis driving heads are suitable for driving earth rodsby hand or by power hammer. Reselling End Use Raw Material.

ECO Earthing System is developed and designed according to the national and internationally approved and accepted technology. Documents There is nothing listed here for this company. The extent of any buried services which could affectthe earth termination networks. Todo this the soil resistivity needs to betaken into consideration. All the rods offered by us are widely applauded by our valuable clients for their high tensile strength.

To help find the productyou need, there is an alphabetical index,part number index and product locator. Aluminium and Copper or Stainless Steel. Wall Supported Extension type Ladder.

The boss is welded into place. It is recommended to use an oxide inhibiting compound withthis connector vatalogue page This helps in easy handling and storage.