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Eur J Psychol Assess. Regarding the CED-D, in a home healthcare older population aged 65 years and over, Gellis reported the latent hfersema of Depressed Affect, Positive Affect, Somatization, and Interpersonal Relations, as hypothesized.

Is the Geriatric Depression Scaleand 8-item versions useful for both purposes in nursing home patients?

Screening for depression in the older adult: Anxiety and depression in later life: Nonetheless, several methodological issues have to be considered. Editor who approved publication: Firstly, it should be emphasized that the detection and assessment of late-life depression has been overlooked, misunderstood, or even misattributed, since symptoms are often confused with other medical problems such as loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, loss of energy, involvement, and pleasure, as well as with cognitive decline.

Clinical validation of the Quality of Life Inventory: Self-report measures are widely employed to assess the incidence and severity of depressive symptoms in both epidemiological studies and in clinical settings with older adults. Meta-analysis of the factor structures of four depression questionnaires: For example, using a cutoff of 16, the BDI-II seems to be an adequate screening tool for depressive disorders in advanced cancer patients with an average age of 60 years.


A Guide to Assessment and Intervention: Here, several measurement issues related to assessment of depression have been examined in the Introduction. A small part of excess mortality among the depressed is due to suicide, which has its highest rates among the older adults, 2529 — 31 with estimates from 6 to 83 perfor men and from 7. The impact of generalized anxiety disorder and stressful life events on risk for major depressive episodes.

Distinguishing cognitive and somatic dimensions of state and trait anxiety: Assessment in Geriatric Psychopharmacology. Essentials of Psychological Testing.

Assessment of late-life depression via self-report measures: a review

These versions are often preferred to the item original form. The prevalence of major depression in black and white adults in five United States communities. The sum of the ratings of the 20 items provides a total score, ranging from 0 to 60 with the higher scores indicating higher frequency of depressive symptomatology experienced during the past week. A study by Steer et al confirmed the noncognitive somatic-affective and cognitive dimensions of the BDI-II as identified by Beck et al in depressed geriatric inpatients.

Assessment of depression in a geriatric inpatient cohort: Quality adjusted life years in older adults with depressive symptoms and chronic medical disorders. Evaluation of the feasibility, reliability and diagnostic value of shortened versions of the geriatric depression scale. Further research on its psychometric properties and norms may yield a more positive impression of this instrument in the future. Himmelfarb S, Murrell SA. Development and validation of the Penn State Worry Questionnaire.

Depression in the elderly. J Appl Soc Psychol. Montorio I, Izal M.

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The revised item CES-D has not been validated in older adult home care populations and did not use a DSM-based measure of depression due to the nature of the home care environment and time constraints on antob home care provider. A theoretical analysis of the properties of median filters. Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. The Beck depression inventory and research diagnostic criteria: Overall, based on its psychometric functioning, the SDS is probably a good but not the best choice for a depression assessment instrument for older adults at this time.

A host of geropsychiatric measures have been developed for diagnostic purposes, for rating severity of depression, and monitoring treatment progress.

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Personal Control in Later Life: Validation of the Geriatric Depression Scale among nursing home residents. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled. Instead, with scores below 24, a GDS cutoff of 14 is suggested. Manual Psychological Corporation; Suicide in later life: You can learn about our use of cookies by reading our Privacy Policy.

Two shorter forms of the CES-D depression symptoms index. An inventory for measuring. Attempted and completed suicide in older subjects: An empirically based model of suicide risk assessment for patients with affective disorder. Nonverbal behavior during clinical interviews: