ATTEN ADSCAL vs Rigol DSe were the two options left for considering . Manual, tracking, automatic cursor measurement function;. I have recently bought an ATTEN ADSCAL+ oscilloscope. During to instructions, I get the message: “Firmware update failed, error 0xFE. Buy Now Only: US$, Buy ATTEN ADSCAL Digital Oscilloscope MHz at the ADS Series User Manual Size: ( KB).

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Page 88 of the file or the directorysthen store the files. We should have purchased a Rigol scope instead. Page mV – 5V: Acquiring Signals System 2.

Analyze The Signal Detail 3.


Input connector for an external trigger source. X-y Format adjust grid brightness. The time base allows you to control how often the values are digitized. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.

The ADS serieswith its intuitive logical and convenient user interface atteb attractive price is very affordable. Software version List the software version.

ATTEN ADS1102CAL Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz

When Select how to compare the Positive pulse width less than pulse trigger pulse relative to the width setting value selected in the Set Pulse Width option. CurA The value of Cur B: This is the default setup. The built in freq counter is accurate out to 7 digits! Save setup data, ,anual data or picture data to the internal of the oscilloscope or USB flash successful.

Analogue Multimeters Digital Multimeters Accessories.

ATTEN ADSCAL Digital Oscilloscope MHz

Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. In these cases, you should use the Peak Detect mode to attfn data. Because the measurements use the waveform record points, they are more accurate than the graticule or cursor measurements.


If you’re considering buying any of the several available brands of DSOs, suggest reading this album first. Now all of time parameters value will display on the screen at the same time.

Atten ADS1000 Series Manual

The oscilloscope saves the current setup if you wait three seconds after the last change before you power off the oscilloscope. In this mode, you can observe two irrelative signals at the same time.

ADS series products have rich trigger modes: Set trigger type of the vertical channel signal to Mode Pulse Pulse trigger. Page 76 Manual Mode Table Manual cursor function menu: The oscilloscope calculates the FFT spectrum using the center points of the time-domain waveform.

I DO have a soft spot for Tek As. Classical, Modern, Tradition, Succinct. Set to Fine Picture 4. Select operating object Create new needed folder Delete present folder Picture Select operating object Create new files in present directorys Delete present file Recall stored files or present settings Picture Modify the file name Return to the last menu Picture In this module,Setting stores to File,Waveform stores to File,storing pictures and CSV stores to USB flash drive all have this function.

Support multilingual online help. Table Functional Menu of the Utility System 3: Set the switch to 10X on the probe and connect the probe to channel 1 on the oscilloscope. Page 59 The trigger signal comes from two vertical channels when you use alternative trigger. Same with the software. Mention you that the trigger Level is at a limit when you turn the Trig level knob.


Thirty two parameters Auto measure function. Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

You cannot adjust the horizontal position and scale of the reference waveform. If you find inaccurate product information, welcome to Correct Errors. Load Recall the Factory setup. Test the Humorous content and distortion in the system Show the Noise in the DC Power supply Test the filter and pulse response in the system Analyze vibration Picture Connect the probe to the oscilloscope and connect the ground terminal to ground before you take any measurements.

Save setup to USB flash drive, follow these steps For example: Here are three buttons and one Knob in the Trigger area. Power On the oscilloscope.

Set the trigger according to trigger edge. The volume exquisite and it is convenient for carrying. The Probe Check function verifies that the Probe attenuation option matches the attenuation of the probe. Page 81 Picture Table Auto measure function 2-Voltage measure menu: All in all, I just love this ‘scope.

Normal Use this mode when you want to see only valid triggered waveforms; Page 53 When Select how to compare the Positive pulse width less than pulse trigger pulse relative to the width setting value selected in the Set Pulse Width option.