Part III The Islamic Jihad 7. Fault Lines in the Afghan Jihad Preferred Citation : Edwards, David B. Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad. In this powerful book, David B. Edwards traces the lives of three recent Afghan leaders in Afghanistan’s history–Nur Muhammad Taraki, Samiullah Safi, and Q. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Apr 1, , Barbara D. Metcalf and others published Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad. By David B.

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To this shock was added another as the party of travelers was joined by one “Tewfik Bey, of Constantinople, Los Angeles, and Afghanistan,” who introduced himself in American patois as the designer of the amir’s new palace.

Thus, when Thomas returned to London in the fall of and opened “Through Romantic India and into Forbidden Afghanistan” at Covent Garden, the show drew respectable audiences, but nothing like the acclaim and success of his earlier production. In the mid twentieth century, Afghans believed their nation could be a model of economic and social development that would inspire the world.

Only much later, when I rented the film to show a classroom of American college students what Afghanistan was like before the revolution, did I focus on the scene with the turban and come to reflect on the fact that many of those Afghan students I taught a long time ago must have experienced moments like the one in the film when they too had to make a decision between one world genralogies another.

One especially revealing photograph comes from a costume ball held in a villa in Paghman in It was perhaps an odd career move for an “agricultural specialist,” but he explained it this way to Thomas: For a sixteen-year-old, which is about the age of the younger boy, talibxn turban would have symbolized the essence of his identity and his acceptance into the ranks of adult men.


It looked like the entrance to a brand-new real-estate development on the outskirts of Kansas City or Detroit. And it was not simply a Western concern, for many of the Ghe militants who committed acts of terror in Algeria, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern nations received their basic training in Afghanistan and were often referred to in these countries as “Afghanis. My own view, shared by many Afghans, is that Amanullah was a man blinded by his own egotism and fascination with the West into launching an ill-advised and overambitious set of reforms that his people were not prepared or ready to accept.


In this powerful book, David B. The investment paid immediate dividends, for when he arrived in Constantinople, beforre learned that the amir of Afghanistan was offering employment to Turks who would come and help nihad modernize his country.

Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad

Most of the guests have adopted ethnic dress from Afghanistan and its border lands. I was the only guest at the hotel and, as far as I could tell when walking around, the only foreigner in the city. Most of them never saw the homeland and they invaded Afghanistan after a long conflict between the Mujahedeen factions post Soviet occupation. He replied, “Then you should write a book about me.

It was, in fact, the stuff of legend, the kind of story Lowell Thomas loved to tell, particularly when it could be put into the mouth of an “old Afghan” storyteller: Jonathan Manning rated it really liked it Jun 03, Vietnam still rankled in the United States, and the Afghans seemed to want nothing from that superpower other than the barest military necessities.

The government had little trouble suppressing these attacks, and press reports indicated only that there had been local disturbances. This was especially the case after the Soviet invasion jihwdwhen Afghans were perceived as standing tje single-handedly to a superpower. During my first stay in Afghanistan, in the s, there were political rumblings to be sure, but I and most of the Westerners of my acquaintance were blissfully unaware of how deep the discontent was.

To attain this ob j ective the author tries to frame his own exercise in historical understanding in genealogical terms. Each of the men Edwards profiles were engaged in the political struggles of the country’s recent history.


All three were products of the Afghan educational system and were offended by what they saw as the backwardness of traditional society and committed to the ideal of bringing economic and social justice to the people of Afghanistan. At the same time, however, these men were cut off from those they sought to lead and had a limited or distorted conception of what the people wanted and taliiban best to enlist their hte. Instead, political conflict, foreign invasion, and civil war have left the country impoverished and politically dysfunctional.

I don’t know what happened to Aqcha Poor after our meeting. Here again, I look at the lives of three men—this time individuals who played important roles in the present conflict and who personify contemporary transformations in Afghan understandings of honor, Islam, and state rule as they developed in and through the critical first years after the revolution of Thomas rated it liked it May 29, Fault Lines in the Afghan Jihad pp.

Likewise, for Chase, Amanullah’s status as a regular Joe was sealed in an equally convincing manner when he displayed his skill at tennis.

The Saur Revolution pp.

Project MUSE – Before Taliban

A young man of thirty, Amanullah was in fact the same age as Lawrence had been during his adventures in Arabia. Like Lawrence, he had even performed undercover intelligence work, in his case, in the guise of a middle-class German woman living in Istanbul!

It was the younger boy’s first trip away from his village, and his more experienced friend immediately took him to the used-clothes market to buy a second-hand suit.

Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad.