Bergenia ligulata is a perennial herb with short, thick, fleshy and procumbent stems and very stout root stock. Leaves are ovate or round and cm long. Bergenia ligulata wall whole plant is used for kidney and bladder stones, urinary problems. (8,9,) It has been reported to exhibit various pharmacological. Pashanabheda- Bergenia ligulata (Wall.) Engl. is a small plant used in the treatment of renal calculi, retention of urine, wounds, diseases of the.

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Crystals as small as 3. The analgesic activity was evaluated by using hydroalcoholic extract of rhizomes of B. The results indicated that bergenin bound to HSA mainly by a hydrophobic interaction in microemulsions which was in agreement with the result of the molecular modeling study.

DCM fraction and mother extract of B. Apart from scientific validation, a complete quality controlled evaluation has been carried out for each bioactivity guided fraction as well as aqueous extract. Cortex consists of a narrow zone of parenchymatous cells containing a number of simple starch grains whereas most of cortical cells contain large rosette crystals of calcium oxalate CaC 2 O 4 and starch grains.

A Dictionary of Hergenia Plants.

Compendium on controversial drugs, In: Moreover, the literature shows that the plant extract enriched within phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and isoflavonoids can lead to relaxation of smooth muscle of the urinary and biliary tract which could enable the ejection of stones from the kidney and reduced the size of calculi in rats [ 18 ].


Journal of Natural Remedies ; 3: Kachalu, Pakhanabheda Geographical distribution: It also contains sterols viz. Herbal drugs for urinary stones.

This method permits reliable quantification and showed good resolution and separation from other constituents of extract. Botanical and phytochemical comparison of three Bergenia species.

The activity may be due to the rich sources of phenolic, polyphenolic, tannins, and flavonoid metabolites in both DCM fraction and mother extracts of pashanbhed. In our analysis, a significant amount of quercetin was ligulwta in mother extract and DCM fraction.

It potentiated the action of adrenaline on guinea pig tracheal chain and ileum 54, Collection of plants around Agora-Dodital in Uttarkashi district of Uttar Pradesh, with medicinal values and folklore claims. Consumption of historical and current phytotherapeutic agents for urolithiasis: The method was developed in toluene: While performing ex vivo activity, the results are usually reproducible in in vivo models.

Indian Journal of Pharmacology ;8: The oxalate crystal inhibition potential of B. View at Google Ligulaya P.

Bergenia Ligulata

Analysis of catechin, gallic acid, quercetin, and tannic acid was evaluated on developed and validated simultaneous HPLC as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Tannin constituents of Bergenia ligulata roots. Effect of different concentrations of extract and fractions of B. Srivastava S, Rawat A: Biochemical Systematics and Ecology ;9: Most of the previous studies were performed on its preventive effect but we investigated the curative properties of the mother as well bioactivity guided fraction of B.


Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Hypoglycemic activity of Bergenia ciliata. Ikshit Sharma contributed to literature review, study design, experimental studies, data collection, and manuscript preparation.

Other activities Alcoholic extract of B.

Bergenia ligulata – Asmabhedaka – Ayurwiki

Screening of Indian plants for biological activity: Kirtikar K, Basu B: Pharmacognostic finger print profile of a controversial drug Paashanabheda.

In Indian traditional system of medicine, different parts ligu,ata plants were being used and their pharmacological properties have also proved [ 20 ].

Not More Than 2. Antiurolithic effect of Bergenia ligulata rhizome: Antiviral activity of some plants used in Nepalese Traditional Medicine. Cardioprotective activity The hypotensive activity of hydroalcoholic extract of B.

BioMed Research International

Effects of mother extract and DCM fraction of B. In ethno-pharmacological screenings, plants used in Nepalese traditional medicine along with B.

However, DCM fraction may be explored as new phytopharmaceuticals drug in future. It can be used for routine quality control of herbal material and formulations containing B. Further, the best fraction was selected on the basis of in vitro antiurolithiasis activity.

A comprehensive review on bergenin, a potential hepatoprotective and antioxidative phytoconstituent.

Activities of bergenin When bergenin was incubated into hepatocyte medium for 14 hrs with 1.