By extension, there is no architecture without violence. Any relationship between a building and its users is one of violence, for any use Bernard Tschumi. Tschumi-Violence-of-Architecture – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text Bernard Tschumi. written of Architecture. weighting. Violence. 1. 2. Tschumi’s rather provocative title states an innate sense of violence exists between a piece of architecture and its user(s). Though used.

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Bernard Tschumi’s Violence of Architecture – Crazy Arches

Architecture and Disjunction Bernard Tschumi No preview available – He continues by asking if there is a shared violence between architecture and humans; can the violence be reversed? Bodies Violating Space First, there is the violence that all individuals inflict on spaces yschumi their very presence, by their intrusion into the controlled order of architecture. The Pleasure of Architecture.

Architecture’s violence is fundamental and unavoidable, for architecture is linked to events in the same way that the guard is linked to the prisoner, the police to the criminal, the doctor to the patient, order to chaos.

After all, the original action, the original act of violence -this unspeakable copulation of live body and dead stone- is unique and unrehearsed, though perhaps infinitely repeatable, for you may enter the building again and again.

YUYI1 – Bernard Tschumi “Violence of architecture”

Architecture, then, is only an organism engaged in constant intercourse with users, whose bodies rush against the carefully established rules of architectural thought.

Tschui and Disjunction, which brings together Tschumi’s essays from tois a lucid and provocative analysis of many of the key issues that have engaged architectural discourse over For any organized repetition of events, once announced in advance, becomes a program, a descriptive notice of a formal series of proceedings.


It institutes a new order after the disorder of the original event. What Tschumi is really getting at is that violence in architecture is the relationship of people to spaces. Space Violating Bodies But if bodies violate the purity of architectural spaces, one might rightly wonder about the reverse: Such discomforting spatial devices can take any form: Violence is not always present.

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Bernard Tschumi – Violence of Architecture

The body disturbs the purity of architectural order. Account Options Sign in. Tschumi touches on the idea of intent versus reality, and while architectural theory tends to purify or ritualize architecture, architecture is more often subject to intense relationships by its users. By extension, there is no architecture without violence.

The minute a presence has been introduced the spaced feels reduced to something less. A word of warning: This intrusion is inherent in the idea of architecture; any reduction of architecture to its spaces at the expense of its events is as simplistic as the reduction of architecture. You are commenting using your Twitter account. References to this book Time, Culture and Identity: Violence exercised by and through space is spatial torture.

Each door implies the movement of someone crossing its frame. Nothing strange and unexpected must happen. By “violence,” I do not mean the brutality that destroys physical or emotional integrity but a metaphor for the intensity of a relationship between individuals and their surrounding spaces.


He talks about people violating buildings and the reverse. Avant-garde theorist and architect Bernard Tschumi is equally well known for his writing and his practice. He concedes that architecture cannot directly control the event that will happen within, but he said the relationship between program and architecture is very similar to that of hunter and hunted.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The incessant repetition at first stimulates some strange desire, but soon becomes sadistic, impossible, violent. There is no architecture without action, no architecture without events, no architecture without program. Ritualizing violence in architecture brings a new meaning to a term I like to use a lot: Pages About Europe Travels.

Violence of Architecture – Bernard Tschumi | Andrew Pun

I do not wish to resurrect recent behaviorist architectural approaches. The architect will always dream of purifying this uncontrolled violence, channeling obedient bodies along predictable paths and ocasionally along ramps that provide striking vistas, ritualizing the transgression of bodies in space. To this point I would argue architects should have foresight and design with long-term in mind. Uncategorized — Leave a comment.

The original, spontaneous interaction of the body with a space is often purified by ritual. The place your body inhabits is inscribed in your imagination, your unconscious, as a space of possible bliss. Hunter and hunted enjoy these needs independent of the fact they are engaged in a deadly game.

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