Blood of Elves has ratings and reviews. Claire said: I struggled a lot with this book: I wanted to like it, since I’ve heard really good thi. Blood of Elves [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Geralt the Witcher-revered and hated-holds the line against the . Blood of Elves (Polish: Krew elfów) is the first novel in the Witcher saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is a sequel to the Witcher short story collections Sword.

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But someone else has an eye on the young girl, someone who understand exactly what the prophecy means – and exactly what Dlves power can do. The plot sounds very interesting.

Their world is still the best in the series, but squeaks, try to get to the Polish society of the modern age, and the mixed with other cultures.

The world in which these adventures take place is heavily influenced by Slavic mythology. We know the stories if we’ve read the previous entries but the poetry and the action is accentuated for the audience and is more picturesque, beautiful, and heightened in this form. It turns out everybody and their brother want to find the poor kid. Our customer reviews If, like me, you’ve never heard of Andrzej Sapkowski before, it’s about time that was rectified.

The girl Ciri, child elvs promise and prophecy yes e,ves common motif in fantasy and folklore who was promised to the Witcher before she was born.

Blood of Elves: Buy Blood of Elves by Sapkowski Andrzej at Low Price in India |

In the meantime a well-deserved nap most joyfully you will enjoy while thinking “muahahahaha and stuff” to your smug little self. I was thinking about reading The Witcher books in anticipation of The Witcher 3 video game.

This is the foundation of what will no doubt be an exceptional next five books. I particularly appreciated the way the book managed to operate simultaneously as serious fantasy and as a tongue-in-cheek deconstruction of the genre’s tropes and cliches. The characters are memorable, the prose is far more sophisticated than in most fantasy, and the world Andrzej Sapkowski created is deeply compelling. Weak as a standalone. I was thinking about reading The Witcher books in anticipation of The Witcher 3 video game.


It was quite shocking for me. The New York Times bestselling series that inspired the international hit video game: However, these minor oddities can be easily overlooked, as, on reaching the final enthralling chapter, you’ll be wondering how you got there so fast.

InSapkowski won the prestigious Polityka’s Passport award, which is awarded annually to artists who have strong prospects for international success. Su mundo sigue siendo lo mejor de la saga, pero rechina, que trate de meter a la sociedad polaca de la Edad Moderna, y la mezcle con otras culturas.

It is very good, also as captures it Rience and elvrs rescue Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As the threat of war hangs over the land and the child is hunted for her extraordinary powers, it will become Geralt’s responsibility to fo them all – and the Witcher never accepts defeat.

A collection of stories in the world of Geralt the Witcher, introducing some of the most loved characters from this universe. Sapkowski de momento no se adapta a la novela larga, y se encuentra con que se defiende mejor con el relato corto. I won’t spoil anything but there’s a scene that speaks loudly to the futility and toll of war: Blood of Eapkowski is the first full-length Witcher novel, and the perfect follow up if you’ve read The Last Wish collection.

Maybe something was lost when it was translated to English. The characters names, interactions, and dialogue were so bad I thought the author was a teenager writing his first book. It didn’t really have an exciting finale. Nothing against gamers, its just not my thing. The story of her “education”, training, change and all the people around who want to protect or use her.

Blood Of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski book review

Creating a world bloos is both familiar and comfortable, it is through his inventive use of character manipulation that he generates a new and realistic experience. You have no idea how shrewd and calculating the guy is. Dandelion is saved by the timely arrival of Yennefer, who engages in a short magic duel with Rience. Quotes from Blood of Elves. Into this tumultuous time is born a child for whom the witchers off the world have been waiting.


Books by Andrzej Sapkowski. There is no shortage of instances where characters suddenly feel contrived – mainly the parts where a character rambles on in thought for a page, or when Sapkowski suddenly drops a long narrative about a past event relating to some character sometimes in the form of a flashback. This book is great, I would recommend it to anyone looking for something one. It mostly sets the scene of two enemy countries, salkowski the brink of war, and how Geralt of Rivia is stuck in the middle, with both countries and numerous independent guilds after him and those he loves.

About Andrzej Sapkowski Andrzej Sapkowski worked in finance until the success of his fantasy cycle about the witcher Geralt of Rivia turned him into Poland’s bestselling writer. For all the slowness the book has charm.

Count how many times “pirouette” is used in a fight. As of this writing t 4 of 5 stars at The Bolod http: I know that I read a book: In this volume at least, Ciri is his ward, and he trains her b,ood Kaer Morhen to be a witcher. The poor Witcher was doing all he could and andrzeu more to prove that destiny does not exists – at least in his case, only to fail spectacularly. At this point, I believe I’ve only witnessed the tip of the iceberg and Ciri’s destiny and the Witcher’s influence is amazingly intriguing.

This article about a European novel is a stub. Puny humans might get hurt somewhat painfully and also suffer a slightly excruciating fate, by the way if you don’t comply.

Blood Of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

Anvrzej child has the power to change the world – for good, or for evil. This is naught but a diabolically Machiavellian scheme to make sure some crustaceans will continue reading Ciri’s your most fascinating adventures. Blood of Elves is chronologically the 3rd entry within The Witcher saga. But for Aedan, a scruffy young adventurer wit