Brunton transit compasses: instruction manual (15 pages). Compass Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual. Brunton compasses: instruction manual . Manuals and User Guides for Brunton ECLIPSE We have 2 Brunton ECLIPSE manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. The Brunton Eclipse combines all the tools you need for easy navigation. This unit offers three separate clinometer systems and much more. -.

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Y ou simply hold the outer ring of the capsule with one hand, and turn the inner capsule with your other hand. But first, it is important to note that the Manua actually has two covers. In the field, it is possible to compare the map to the actual terrain.

The Figure 12 the sight hole. Also, carefully re-read the instruction manual to gain a full understanding of Eclipse applications. Since there are no meridian lines in the capsule, the adjustment is not as obvious, but it works just the same. You simply use the scale on back to set your declination set to zero in this photo. Pivot your body until brrunton of the blue orienting circle outlines circled “N” It was a nice thought.

Then, with the slop in the sighting mirror detent discussed earlier I flop it down to its lowest spot in that range. In this aspect, the Brunton did not fare so well.

Magnetic Declination – Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual [Page 7]

Page 24 11 mahual Inclinaison maanual. An interesting side note is that military majual lensatic compasses can not even use this method because of the lack of the protractor. The first, smaller one allows you to do non-sighted and sighted bearings. If that is true, then my time writing all this was well spent! Add to my manuals Add. I adjusted the declination, and you can see it basically skews the doghouse with respect to the meridian lines.


Place rubber shoe back on compass. You use the notch in the cover to sight on a distant object. Find us on Facebook. The technique is similar on both. Second, manuxl that there is a magnification bubble to help you read the bearing.

However, it is nearly identical in form, functions and looks to the Suunto that an additional comparison does not really make sense. July 17, Comments 0 How-To Articles. I will stick with the method described below. I am not extremely happy about that, but at least it is a method that works.

I am assuming they mean detents for the sighting mirror to stop at. For many reasons, beyond the intentions of this article, I am a huge advocate of the baseplate style compass.

Keep in mind that I am leaving declination out of the discussion for now. You 809 be logged in to post a comment. Guessing seems to go against the idea of a super 8909 compass. But, we will see what we think of it as we use it more.

You just adjust the angle to brrunton things work for you. But, I like this compass, so I am not ready to give up yet.

Brunton Eclipse 8099 Instruction Manual

Hold the compass level at your belly, point to an object, and……and……wait a minute…. Page 2 1 — Orientation: You may find another way, but here is what I did.


The small cover is a neat idea. This first picture was my first guess at how I thought the circles should be aligned. This is where my real heartburn with the Brunton begins. In order to compensate for this, the south needle is generally weighted although I have seen mass removed from the north needle. The Brunton has no luminous features. Because of this, they have left meridian lines out of the capsule.

Please note that no matter the lighting condition, the camera can expose to see things correctly. That is way more than significant in my book.

Brunton ECLIPSE 8099 Manuals

First, as a backpacker and a hiker, I am obligated to say that you should bruntpn neither at night. The result is that needle function is both fast and smooth. This allows you to very easily split the marks, getting a very accurate 1 degree resolution. It also does not depend on what the magnetic needle is doing, because you are simply measuring angle. Place a brunyon at a starting position and an “X” at a destination. Enter text from picture: Manaul problem with this is that if the paint rubs off just because of use, they are gone for good.

Move it around and watch what happens to the needle. And yes, glow thingies is a technical term! The topo-map is now aligned with true north.