One Fifth Avenue has ratings and reviews. Jessica said: Don’t do it. Don’t spring the cash for the hardcover of Sex and the City creator Can. Like a big-ticket, glossy new offering on Wednesdays at 10 p.m., Candace Bushnell’s new novel, “One Fifth Avenue,” trains its sharp and. It was only a part in a TV series, and only a one-bedroom apartment in New York. But parts of any kind, much less decent ones, were hard to.

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I am baffled that there are people that actually live their lives in such a supercilious manner towards others just because they have more money. Is publishing and releasing REALLY so controlled by deadlines that a manuscript cannot be viewed by an outsiders eyes to look for areas of improvement!?

One Fifth Avenue

The writing is snappy and as delicious and guilty as a gossip column, but does Bushnell endorse her characters? Living there has a certain status to which the middle-aged main characters aspire. The only character that truly stood out was Lola.

Dec 29, Cathy rated it it was ok. She just seems dumb and shallow, the type of person I’d like to slap silly if I ever met. The book starts off pretty slow because there are so many characters to keep track of, and I was trying to pin one down as the main character.


What will happen to ultimately tip the balance of power and who will end up reigning? ffifth

And because of the lack of characterization, I’m not sure why Philip didn’t want to marry Schiffer from the get-go. She seems to be the only female character that cooks not only for herself but for her lover as well and seems to be reasonably intelligent. I sometimes think she makes NYC sound like a scary place and the people that live in this great city sound evil in her other books but not with this one.

Ironic, considering Bushnell began the trend and served in a capacity to perpetuate it. I particularly despise Lola Fabrikant, aarrgghhh she’s selfish, irritating, self destructive, ungrateful and superficial to the max!

One Fifth Avenue – Wikipedia

In this book, it’s real estate. The fun lies in the author’s acute observations about everything from real estate envy to midlife crises. Mixed with various romances and the sexually-charged liaisons of the characters, we have a dramatic tale of power and lust gone mad. When the importance was finally revealed, it wasn’t that significant and I figured out the twist. Nov 06, Laura rated it it was amazing. Feb 26, Love Fool rated it really liked it.

I must say I really liked Lipstick Jungle, but this was not another group of women trying to have it all in the big city. View all 3 comments.

Even the description did not entice me.

One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell

I’m surprised at the scathing reviews decrying the frivolity of this novel. Aug 08, Megan Clark rated it it was ok. Obviously, she stopped caring about plausibility and originality about 75 Sex and the City royalty checks ago I don’t buy Philip’s excuse that she was too flighty; if anything, this could describe Philip himself.


I had no expectations. They thirst for power, candacf social prominence, and for marriages that are successful–at least to the public eye. Ffth whole deal with the Bloody Mary cross was introduced, but was a poor plot device. I’ve been in a reading slump and needed a beach read to get me back on track.


He had crude features and bad skin and orange hair, and looked like he should be hiding under a bridge demanding tolls from unsuspecting passerby. First, we meet some of the elder residents — those who have the respect of the others. Instead, we are tormented by the trials and tribulations that face these “poor” souls – wealth, status, he-said-she-said, my-life-sucks-because-I-don’t-want-to-work-and-can’t-find-a-wealthy-husband One Fifth Avenue takes us on a tour of the New York City, socially elite crowd of one of the most prestigious ccandace in which to live.

And when it comes to books, I love it when I’m wrong about them.