Catálogo de Sêlos de Brasil (Portuguese) – with price indication . Portugal. StampsPortugal (Portuguese/English) – Stamps till , with Afinsa and Scott. 15 janeiro; Doces Tradicionais de Portugal (2ª serie) – Autoadesivos 31 janeiro 20 setembro; Roteiro Pré-Histórico de Portugal (1ª série) 2 outubro; anos. Pessoa que marcou o início do ano de Portugal no Brasil, em Catálogo CDD de Selos do Brasil Stamp Collecting, Binder, Postage Stamps, Folk.

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Europe Part II X 5, [‘s, ‘s] not continuous. The International Journal of the History of Sportv.

Dia do Paleontólogo – Novidades – Sociedade Brasileira de Paleontologia

I am always getting reaady with catalogues for what I hope to do – and it always takes longer to portugql there. A few useful tips and technical threads. The Canadian Admiral Stamps: There;s a few others, but not used as much. I tend to use online catalogues where they are available poryugal to find the stamp and year and then look up any details in Michel.

Rowntree George V One Penny 3rd.


Select a forum Welcome to stampboards – please touch base, and briefly introduce yourself! Got my tax refund and decided to use part of it to treat myself to some more specialized catalogs for my philatelic library via order thru collectura.


Sun Sep 07, Want to thank Glen for hooking me up with the Brusden-Whites, and for packaging them well, as the postman left the parcels on the open-air stoop at my front door, and the rain was bucketing down pretty heavily. Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century. Fri Jan 15, Encyclopedia of British Empire Stamps, Vol.

I have following catalogues I have some other reference books which are not catalogues and have not been included: It has lots of information, but I want to make it even better when I am able to do so. Click for our Current Auction. Thankfully neither the Brusden-Whites or the Campbell-Patersons were damaged while sitting out among the elements.

The Standard Canada Precancel Handbook If you have the curiosity to compare catalogues, it’s possible to download a Scott’s world stamps catalogue of under Creative Commons licence.

These arrived in the post today while I was at the doctor for another checkup thankfully all looking good now, back to work on Weds!

Wed Jul 06, For everything else, there’s my Scotts! Fascinating the amount of Catalogues and reference books we all have. I see that the latest Great Britain Special is over pages compared to my pages so I think that might be the first one on my list or maybe I will go for an SG. Sissons Caralogo of Canada Revenues Previous topic Next topic. Perhaps for good reasons.


Excellent, full color catalogs printed poortugal glossy paper with info in both Greek and English.

But yes I was more than a little upset with how the postman left the packages, especially since they were supposed to have been signed for. I paid a bit more than that for my 6 volume set. Total cost porrugal only 60 Euros including shipping to the USA.

Brazil Joint Issues – Selo Show

Some of them are investments in themselves but the best thing is I have answers at my fingertips for any question I may have. Small-large representations of the Portuguese Empire: InPortuguese government launched the stamp series “Sporting Modalities”: They were eslos damp but trying to see if I can salvage some of them. Great deal on catalogs. Over 16, offers online!

The Pence Issues of Newfoundland Postage stamps and hierarchies of social memory.