Systems actually supported. Aritech. Advisor Alarm Panel (CD, CD72, CD34), Master Alarm Panel. (Ats). FP Series Fire Detection Panel (FP Aritech CD Installation manual for control panel Page 3This manual contains installation details for the CD72, CD95 and CD TOPKAPI SCADA software for the control of ARITECH intrusion units CD

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If your code lets you access more than one security area, you can select one of them to arm. Alarm Host Introduction Chapter More information. There are five different labels to identify the status of an area. Olivia Mathews 1 years ago Views: Start display at page:. This key is the Accept key. The entire manual should be carefully.

Once something triggers any of the detectors. Programs 1, 2 and 3. Profile For a better understanding of this product, please read this user manual thoroughly before using it. A split system lets you control open zones in specific areas of the premises. By dialling into the alarm system. These are preset amounts of time that let you enter and leave the premises through specific routes without activating an alarm.

It also shows the keypad keys you need to press in order to arrive at the options.

Aritech Cd 95 Manual – lostflexi

Area 1 Armed Area 2 Disarmed You have a few seconds to enter the number of the area you want to switch off. In this example, the alarm was triggered in zone 4 Back Door on 23 April at 5. You must now quit the secured area.


X This key has several functions. Aritech integration module – AxxonSoft – Video integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms The Aritech integration module supports the following functions: Everybody involved in installing or maintaining this panel should have access to a copy of thismanual.


Depending on how the system has been programmed, you may not need to do all the steps shown in the instructions. You should close these zones and then retry arming the system. As you said dont believe everything you read, just trust people who actually know what they are doing. As long as this beeping continues, you can disarm switch off the system with your code without activating an alarm.

The dialler will then accept and check whether the connection can be established. We understand the importance.

As explained in section Arming a split system, a split system can be programmed to have two different standby message displays, that is the message you aritedh when you approach the keypad, and two different messages immediately after entering your code into the keypad.

Program the zones menu as Dual. Intruder alarm system Operating Instructions. This is the Reject key. Press the Accept key to confirm the alarm. The CD72 can be divided into two independent systems, and the CD95 into eight independent systems. These instructions apply to both the CD95 and CD When you are in an option list, you can use it to move forward through the list.


Always begin with zero 0 and then enter your code. Enter the area number where the alarm occurred in this example it is 1. This is a code which you can enter when the display is showing the time and date.

Aritech CD7212 Install

Special keys The following key combinations can be programmed by the installer. Otherwise the standby message automatically appears.

The greatest care should therefore be taken when installing this cable. Beeeep System Armed The current date and time automatically appears. Area 2 Arming Beeeep You must exit the protected area by the designated exit route. Area 1 Disarmed Finished? CA60 Plus Software Version 3.

ARITECH Supervision

These different areas were programmed by the installer. During cx150 you can arihech zones. Press the Accept key to confirm that you have finished.

For information about excluding open zones, refer to the section Arming a system which has open zones on page 8. A July 2 Contents Introduction UL Listed and Classified More information.

Alarm Host Introduction Chapter. When you enter the premises after an alarm, the bell may already be silent if it has been so programmed.