Na wiosnę roku sułtan Osman II ruszył na Rzeczpospolitą, osobiście prowadząc wojsko. We wrześniu Turcy stanęli pod Chocimiem. Polakom przyszło się. Battle of Chocim: Osman II: Realizing that his defeat at Chocim (Khotin, Ukraine) in largely stemmed from the lack of discipline and the degeneracy of the. Category:Battle of Khotyn () Start time, 2 September End time, 9 Jan Karol Chodkiewicz in Chocim jpg × ; 77 KB.

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On 18 September, at night, Cossacks stormed into the Ottoman camp on the Dniester. Polish-Lithuanian forces and Wallachian regiments were 30 thousand strong. There were stationed 3 squadrons chocjm day sentries at the gate of the Crown-Hetman, and they did not suspect anything.

File:Battle of Chocim PNG – Wikimedia Commons

It is not to be confused with the Battle of Khotyn The Senate’s secret council finally decided, convinced by the Habsburg’s representative, to send the Commonwealth forces in – even though many members of the Sejm thought that Polish forces were neither sufficient nor fully prepared.

This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States. Cnocim opposition resulted in the rebellion of janissaries inin which Osman II was deposed and killed.

The army entered Moldavia in September.

During another large assault on the 6 October, most of the magnates and nobles started to flee north, leaving infantry and camp. There were no territorial changes; the Commonwealth-Ottoman border was confirmed to be the Dniester River and the Commonwealth recognized Ottoman control over Moldavia.

On the 10 September, near Cecora, the Commonwealth army encountered the Tatar and Ottoman forces 13,which had been sent by the Ottoman sultan to help Gabriel Chocik in his struggle against the Habsburgs.

Although the Polish defenders were weakened, the Ottomans failed to break their morale. Additionally, the Ottomans were hcocim by the constant raids by Cossacksthen nominally subjects of the Commonwealth, across the border into Ottoman territories.


Bitwa pod Chocimiem, The Commonwealth hetman held the sultan at bay for a whole month, until the first snow of autumn compelled Osman to withdraw his diminished forces. When the infidel chkcim saw this, they took to flight and trampled down each other. In the peoples’ coffee houses in Istanbul up to the end of the 19th century public storytellers chociim to relate the tales, many in poetry form, of the exploits of Young Osman including Khotin and his tragic demise.

Osman wanted to modernize the army, chodim he blamed for the defeat; his plans for modernization were, however, opposed by the tradition-minded janissaries. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

Chocim was founded as an ancient fortified settlement located on cliffs above the Dniester, and is said to have been named after Kotizon, a 3rd-century Dacian chieftain. A large Ottoman army was gathered for cyocim punitive invasion of the Commonwealth.

It also allowed the Ottomans to shift some of their cannons to the other bank of the river and shell Commonwealth choci from the rear. On September 7, Ottoman troops assaulted the Cossack camp four times, but were repulsed. Having already lost Grand Hetman Chodkiewicz during the battle, the Commonwealth soon lost another of its most notable military figures of the early 17th century in Hetman of Registered Cossacks Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny, who couldn’t recover from battle injuries and died several months later.

This attack was stopped. Both sides resumed hostilities in Public 11621 Public domain 11621 false. A peace treaty, the Treaty of Khotynwas signed on 9 Oct.

Date 11 November Archived from the original on 4 July The Turks, following their victory in the Battle of Cecora, had high hopes of conquering Poland. The Polish-Lithuanian contingent was 30, strong, supported by as many Cossacks. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat In some clauses it favoured the Commonwealth, but the Ottoman Empire also got what it wanted.


Sultan Osman himself was not satisfied with the battle’s outcome and put the blame for it on the janissaries. Copyright Office before January 1, The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Consecutive attacks during the retreat such as the violent one on 3 October were repelled, only for troops to start desintegrating as soon as soldiers caught sight of the Dniester and the Polish border.

Battle of Khotyn Janissaries exploited the Poles’ lack of vigilance the Poles were sleeping on the right flank of the Polish Army. The town became an important trading center due to its position as a river crossing and by the 13th century became the site of a Genoese trading colony.

Category:Battle of Khotyn (1621)

Osman also attempted to isolate the camp by blocking their access to the nearby Dniester River. Mercenaries, private troops and their magnate leaders, were lacking in discipline and morale. Historyczne bitwy”, MON, By using this site, you agree to the Terms chovim Use and Privacy Policy. In the afternoon the big Ottoman forces attacked the Cossack camp.

chcoim Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. At the other gate there stood the Crown-Hetman. The fortress was behind the fortifications and Dniester River bordered the fortifications. Ottomans losses amounted more than killed and Polish losses amounted to 30 killed.

By September 2, the main Ottoman army had arrived, and the siege began the day after the Cossacks joined the Polish camp.