Two famous, firsthand accounts of the holy war in the Middle Ages translated by Margaret R. B. Shaw Originally composed in Old French, the two chronicles. Composed by soldiers who fought in the Holy Wars, these two famous French chronicles are among the most important portrayals of both the dark and light side. Jean de Joinville (c. May 1, – 24 December ) was one of the great chroniclers of medieval France. He is most famous for writing the Life of Saint Louis, a biography of Louis IX of France that chronicled the Seventh Crusade. . In Authority and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Chronicles. Juliana Dresvina and.

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I have an historical novel budding in my mind, and I have a couple of questions for you.

Jean de Joinville – Wikipedia

How do you resist the temptation to record everything in case you need to use it for the story? Joinville’s laudatory descriptions of Louis’s piety can be tedious, and occasional details rhe that piety will, I hope, strike modern readers as grotesque.

His speech is moral and didactic, reflecting the speech of the preachers Dominicans and Franciscans who surround him.

Stay in Cruszdes Sign up. He goes after the corruption that comes from selling political office to the highest bidder, and he stands up to the Church on the question of their often politically joinvlile excommunications. To be sure, Joinville’s stated intention is to pay tribute to his beloved late King and to justify King Louis’ reputation for joivnille.

He is one of the first memoirists to integrate reconstructed dialogue into a tale. This is, of course, the sign of the age when both narrators wrote their accounts or better yet, had them written. Keefe The late twenties and early thirties were perhaps the most transformative period in Soviet history. Villhardouin portrays the whole thing as a glorious and heroic enterprise, but it’s relatively easy to find Byzantine sources that portray the sacking of Constantinople as anything but heroic.


Altogether, a sad account. The fragment crusases in The Crusades: His decision to go on crusade was at least in part influenced by the long and illustrious history of crusading in his family. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The first half of the book written about the 4th crusade by Geoffrey De Villehardouin, I found to be engaging and educational.

Chronicles of the Crusades

Villehardouin’s account of it is clear if somewhat detatched – you’ll get a nice overview of what happened, but most of the main players of the story remain somewhat distant and flat. Shaw, in Chronicles of the CrusadesLondon,pp. Preparations for an Assault 9. Today, the Crusades are depicted as an old mad attempt chonicles force conversion upon the Islamic world.

Chronicles of the Crusades – Geffroy Villehardouin, Jean Joinville – Google Books

Together these narratives comprise a fascinating window on events that, for all their remoteness, offer startling similarities to our own age. Joinville’s piece on the 7th crusade DID deal more with the fighting aspect. One note on the Penguin edition: Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Going on a crusade never seemed like a very good idea to me, and reading these firsthand accounts of the 4th and 7th crusades reinforced my opinion. Villehardouin’s Conquest of Constantinopledistinguished by its simplicity and lucidity, recounts the c Two famous, firsthand accounts of the holy oc in the Middle Ages translated by Margaret R.

My final say is that these books are great sources that put a person right into the heart of history minus the extensive historical overview, which lets one experience it firsthand. A true document of the Age of Chivalry. Jul 03, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: I think Chroniclws might have a new favourite primary source historian in John de Joinville. Joinville, like his king, was obviously very attached to the Christian religion, to its doctrines, its morality and its practices. I don’t know of any biographies of Elizabeth Lilburne herself, but she shows up a lot naturally in Pauline Gregg’s biography of her husband, Free-born John.


To ask other readers questions about Chronicles of the Crusadesplease sign up. I blush to say I’ve been ‘meaning’ to read Joinville since I joinvi,le somewhere about how much Xhronicles Arthur Conan Doyle liked him and what good use he made of what he learned from him in The White Company and Sir Nigel – ‘meaning’, and never yet doing: I’ll have to draft up a blog post for those; I chroniclfs have lots of answers for you.

Joinville does not shy away from expressing his personal opinion on the events at hand.

Jean De Joinville and his Biography of Saint Louis on the Seventh Crusade

The consequences of the crusades are still felt today. Jan 30, Rebecca added it Shelves: Dec 20, Palmyrah rated it really liked it Shelves: His chronicle details the entire reign of Louis IX including both of his expeditions to the East and his death and canonization.

So he rose to his feet, and leaning on his crutch, asked to have the most important and most learned rabbi among the Jews brought before Him. Latest in History Decolonization. Pope Innocent III, who initiated the campaign, was significantly annoyed with the Crusaders, whom he viewed as responsible for making the breach between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches permanent.

There are some wonderful vignettes here, full of character, even if they mostly served to convince me that Louis IX really was a bit of a prig.

Some things don’t change. Joinville respects Louis for what he attempted to do, for his motivations, and for his unfailing zeal in moinville process.

However this past week while actually reading Chronicles of the Crusades and found thanks to the excellent translation, a easy read and very informative on its subject matters. He spent enormous amounts of his own money both on organizing the crusade and on rebuilding the fortifications and strengthening the garrisons of the remaining Christian strongholds.