In particular, trochanteric bursitis is an extremely rare manifestation of osteoarticular tuberculosis. We describe a case of tuberculous coxitis. Tuberculosis of the hip joint region in children. MAF MohideenI; MN RasoolII. I MBChB(Medunsa). Registrar. Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, University of . PubMed journal article [Tuberculous coxitis in the hips 55 years after primary tuberculosis were found in PRIME PubMed. Download Prime PubMed App to.

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Tuberculosis of the hip joint region in children

HK analyzed and interpreted all patient data and was major contributor in writing the manuscript. Biopsy from a bony lesion is important. In early stages of TB of hip, there is a diagnostic dilemma when plain X-rays are negative.

After treatment with physiotherapy and oral non-steroidal antirheumatic medication the symptoms were regressive and no further diagnostic procedures were performed. A cavity may contain a sequestrum of necrotic spongiosa.

Tuberculous coxitis: diagnostic problems and varieties of treatment: a case report.

However, tuberculsois degree of shortening and instability is unavoidable. It may start as extra articular or juxta articular lesion. Abscesses were seen commonly in the series by Martini. Many authors suggest that medical treatment alone is enough. Three children had discharging sinuses and five had a fluctuant abscess.

The majority had a fair or poor result.

Management of tuberculosis of the hip joint. Osteoarticular manifestations may be intra-articular or extra-articular. In conclusion this case demonstrates, that tuberculosis should still be considered as a possibility of a specific origin of joint infection in finding the diagnosis of uncertain complaints of joints without initial radiographic abnormabilities, even in otherwise healthy and young patients without obvious risk factors.


Indian J Radiol Tuberculoss. Arthrolysis aims to achieve the useful range of movements in the cases with gross limitation of movements not responding to traction and exercises. In case of tuberculous coxitis TBC a prior pulmonary infection causes the affection of the joint by haematogenous spread. The interval between active disease and THA in his cases ranged from 3 months to 45 years. The reason for our decision to choose a reconstructive bone-saving surgical technique was influenced by different factors.

Hip replacement In tubercular arthritis, as acetabulum tuberculosi involved, there is no role of hemi replacement. J Bone Joint Surg ; 64B: Babhulkar S, Pande S. The ideal site for corrective osteotomy is as tuberculosiis the deformed joint as possible.

In our case the initial radiographic findings, MRI and standard blood samples were unspecific. In the ‘travelling acetabulum’ type, the lesion is in the roof. Furthermore a second aspiration of the right hip joint confirmed M. Antitubercular treatment continued postoperatively between 6 and 15 months.

With the help of the stick, all are able to stand on the operated extremity and able to climb up the stairs. Management Early diagnosis and effective chemotherapy are vital to save the joint.


The outcome of allografts and anterior instrumentation in spinal tuberculosis. J Bone Joint Surg ; 8: Can Dis Wkly Rep. Four cases in this study resembled conditions such as osteochondroma and enchondroma.

Tuberculosis of hip: A current concept review

Tuberculous coxitis in the hips 55 years after primary tuberculosis. The infection can progress through various stages with initial synovitis, effusion and rarefaction, to advanced arthritis with complete destruction. The prognosis in general is good. For example in children, Perthes disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, transient synovitis, bleeding disorders, pyogenic arthritis etc. This may be attributed to AIDS acquired tuberculoss syndromeimmigration and intravenous drug abuse.

A preliminary report of twenty cases of hip joint tuberculosis treated by an operation devised to eliminate tuberculsis by fusing the joint. However, the period of time after beginning oral antituberculotic treatment and performing an arthroplasty is discussed [ 2324 ].

Total hip replacement THR in the active stage of the disease is yet another area of controversy. X-ray of the right pelvis revealed an unchanged result compared to the examination after operation without any progression of destruction and regular positioned autologous spongiosaplasty without dislocation. Imaging in children with spinal tuberculosis: