Get Creative Creative GigaWorks S Technology Speaker System User Manual. Get all Creative manuals!. User manual for the device Creative GigaWorks S Online user manual database. Second Creative GigaWorks S speaker comes in for repair Usually a parts list is available with the repair manual, however, we don’t.

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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy or Live! The markings “” denotes 0.

Creative GigaWorks S speaker repair

Some of the lytics still glued but no short circuit anymore. In a typical personal computer installation, the.

On the amp board I’ve changed C40 totally burned outC39 sligtly burned by C40C81 and 91 glued to death Haven’t had time to check Dec 4 All electrolytic capacitors can vary their capacitance and Crreative greatly with temperature, And usually for electrolytics, its capacitance increases and ESR decreases with higher temperatures.

The following sections contain notices for various countries:.

The problem is I will not give up the boards to UPS to investigate. No connection at all.

This symbol creatlve that the marked item ma y. I hope this has been helpful. Make an “L” shape wire from any scrap leads must be of good thickness.


Creative GigaWorks S750 Manuals

These are components mostly capacitors and a blown diode that were pulled out. Feb 24 Thanks for sharing the repair experience.

Just lots of them, big and small. In your opinion do they also need replacing? Cleaned all degraded glue and replaced all recommended caps altho only found one cap leaking, checked all suspect components, cleaned boards and reinstalled without input and without external spkrs. Avoid those with Y5V, Z5U and X5R dielectric as their capacitance can drift wildly very large variations with temperature.

Jul 5 Does the iron plate stick the subwoofer box with some kind glue? You do not want to boil the electrolytes inside those capacitors. I will read more and post some photosif someone could help me after that especially which capacitor and if i need to replace or test other components, i would be very greatful.

I just wanted to say Thank you! If I turns once again from remote, sistem turns on and is works normally. Looking around the audio processor board, I noticed there were signs of degraded glue on the connectors.

I guess the MCU ggaworks monitors the main power section as well. The blown diode broken into two pieces is in the bottom foreground.

Creative S Service Manual – transferseven

Table Of Contents Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Creative Technology Ltd. Looking at the comments, you also need to learn some basic of electronic repairs particularly understanding the circuitary in other words able to read where and how the components are connected, as well as tracing out the paths.


U2 next to the C7 and D26 zener diode should be checked as well. Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode. Also do beware that this type of condition must be avoided at all costs. You mention a lot about removing the old glue, and I’m all but finished cleaning all the old bits of glue off still a work in progressbut you don’t mention anything about re-gluing.

Sorry to hear that electrified, the hope for my repair depends also on every one else successes. Nov 4 If you agree, can you enlighten me as to what type of resistors those are?