Short Title and Commencement: (1) This Act may be called the Code of Criminal. Procedure, ; and it shall come into force on the first day. Preface Among the procedural law the Code of Criminal Procedure is very important. The Code was come into force in first July, The Code was enacted. Our legal system’s law of crime is mainly contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides the machinery for the detection of crime.

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Magistrate or Bench of Magistrate need not frame the charge. Power to direct levy of amount due on certain recognizances. Provided that if the Court so mentioned is a Court specified in column 1 of the Table below, such offence shall be tried by the Court of the Judicial Magistrate specified against it in column 2 thereof; TABLE Name of the court specified in the law Court by which triable 1 2 1.

Everything has an end. Lacunae are sometimes discovered in procedural law and it is for the purpose of covering such lacunae and dealing with such cases where such lacunae are discovered that procedural law invariably recognises the existence of inherent powers in courts. Orissa Act 21 of Authorised agents are as much disputants as owners.


Code of Criminal Procedure, (Act No. V of ).

Notes Importance of recording reasons. Notes Legality of order. Same as that of Punjab. The Magistrate will take precautions to ensure that the police influence, if any, is removed before recording confession, but the sooner it is made the better. The consequence of most of the trial crpx either acquittal or conviction and sentencing. Clases of Criminal Courts.

Code of Criminal Procedure Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

First information not proved, effect. The fact that the property was under attachment under Section 4 in no way affects the legality and effectiveness of the delivery of possession granted by the Civil Court.

Magistrate first of all, conduct an enquiry under Section A, Cr.

Power to suspend or remit sentences. I of to Ordinance No. Execution of sentence of whipping, in addition to imprisonment. Inquiry as to possession. The object, purpose, or design of all procedural law is to further the ends of justice and not to frustrate them by the introduction of endless technicalities. This means in case of ambiguity, this Code should be interpreted in favor of the individual or subject.

Service or notification of order.


Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

He cannot have recourse to both the courses. Consolidating all existing legislation in a topic brings with it the opportunity to consider how it can best be recast for the benefit of those who will use it. Where confession made by the accused soon after his apprehension, was recorded after delay of 17 days which was unexplained it was deprecated.

A Magistrate of 1st class in As to the extent of In summary trial the regular trial can impose imprisonment magistrate croc only impose imprisonment which may imprisonment which may extent to 5 years. Appeal against inadequacy of sentence. Appeal is the Continuation of the Trial of the Lower Court: It is however true that the subordinate courts do not have any inherent powers.

AIR SO Finding of a Civil Court given in reference can be challenged only by a regular suit and not by means of writ crpx. I, item 25 and Act 31 ofSections 29 and 88]. It is law-making by legislation.

Classes of Criminal Courts. The provision of Section Cr.