: Madness at Gardmore Abbey: A Dungeons & Dragons Supplement : Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Adventure Book, D&D Roleplaying. The big maguffin/villain in Gardmore Abbey is the Deck of Many Things. This artifact is one of the most appealing in all of D&D, embracing the. Note: This article contains spoilers for Madness at Gardmore Abbey. the poster map from the D&D Starter Set if it makes things easier for you.

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You could just drop in new monsters to translate the encounters without too much difficulty, but I think the harder part will be updating the environments to be just as cool, and coming up with a way to handle the skill tests. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Tips for Gardmore Abbey

I admit, I have read alot about the game, and skimmed the rules, but still haven’t played it. You are commenting using your WordPress. March 13, at 3: My party just last night finished the megadungeon they’ve been exploring since Julyand is newly 6th level.

I love using props in my games any time I can, and the Deck has been a smash hit with my group so far. Tags separate by space: I’m guessing that completing this adventure would take over 12 sessions using 4E.

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Increased options and combinations of powers for PCs leads to excessively long combats as well as broken gameplay. Friday, 2nd December, I see this as a net positive; anything that gets players into fantastic environments sooner is a good thing, in my book.

Home About Books Essentials Adventures. Even better is the inclusion of a gorgeously designed physical deck of cards to represent the Deck of Many Things. Features Iconic Monsters Ask any person on the street what types of monsters show up in a fantasy setting, and you are all but guaranteed to get dragons as an answer.

  DIN 3771-5 PDF

The Deck has been around since the very early days, first appearing in the original Greyhawk supplement. Best of all, for gardmoore like me on the lazy side, excellent poster maps for important fights are also in the box.

Email required Address never made public. Assembling the deck and debating about whether to draw make the Deck a great source of roleplaying opportunities.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Madness at Gardmore Abbey has direct ties to two planes: All your points are valid: Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Originally Posted by Mistwell.

Is it in another thread? Xander CM Piper says: Maps and tiles are much the att sure, I can simply use what I have on hand, but it still bugs me when my best option is to draw a map on Gaming Paper. December 20, at The hardest part was trying to do versions for a lot of the monsters, but that might be easier now with the Monster Manual available.

Fourth edition D&D at its finest, and it is very fine indeed | Madness at Gardmore Abbey | RPGGeek

Or run Madness and has thoughts on how it would play for 5e? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

With your head held high and your scarlet lies You came down to me from the open skies It’s either real or it’s a dream There’s nothing that is in between. Or done some preliminary work on it? These are rendered very nicely, but still generic enough to be reused in the future.

As with the Feywild, you can easily toss in some bread crumbs here that lead to further exploration of the dread Far Realm later in your campaign. I never got to run it for 4e, and I think it’s semi-sandbox nature would fit well with 5e, and with my existing nadness.


There is more gxrdmore enough adventure inside to be the entire focus of your campaign for these levels. A sheet of Dungeon Tiles enables the DM to create the encounters exactly as intended. Finding new cards here and there throughout the Abbey has added to the coherence of our campaign. Madness at Gardmore Abbey is intended for characters ahbey level 6 to 8. Madness at Gardmore Abbey 5e Conversion. There’s been little posted about the fluff changes necessary, sadly, but it should be doable.

Scrivener of Gardmorf gave XP for this post. Anybody else convert it to 5E or Pathfinder?

I supported because… “Still Geek Crazy after all these years What to run before Madness at Gardmore Abbey? I really like Madness at Gardmore Abbey. Liane the Wayfarer gave XP for this post. But having run my players through several sessions of Madness at Gardmore AbbeyI am of the opinion that it is easily the best gwrdmore adventure, and compares favorably to such beloved classics as Keep on the Borderlands and Tomb of Horrors.

Gardmore Abbey would work pretty well right after this, and in fact the adventure includes story ties to these other adventures. But, I think it could be done.