Dogsbody [Diana Wynne Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Found guilty of murder, the Dog Star, Sirus, is sentenced by his peers to. Dogsbody. Diana Wynne Jones, Author Random House Books for Young Readers $ (p) ISBN Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. Dogsbody book cover. logo logo. Rating / Starwuffs, episode 1, the labrador bites back.

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For the most of it, I felt quite bored with the story.

Book Review – Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones | Vishy’s Blog

This is what I think. Conrad’s Fate The Chrestomanci Series: In aynne, when Rhodesia declared independence unilaterally one of the last colonies and not tiny”I felt as if the book were coming true as I wrote it. Of all the books by her that I’ve read, Dogsbody stands out as the most fantastical and the most realistic, the most tragic and the most uplifting.

I did like the little girl, who adopted S I read somewhere that this was a must-read for dog lovers but I wasn’t actually impressed with the dog character. I think Sirius is one of my favourite dog characters ever. His quest seems hopeless until Sun, Moon, and Earth step in to help.

Though Dogsbody has a few rough edges, it succeeds far more than it fails, and thus is a book I can highly recommend, especially for people who like my lady and me have a fondness for furry things. There’s a lot going on here – mostly fantasy, a dabble of sci-fi, a dollop of British-Irish historical tension and ugliness, families, loss, love, hope, longing, and dogs and even cats To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For Charmed Life, the first Chrestomanci novel, Jones won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime wjnne by The Guardian newspaper that is judged by a panel of children’s writers.


He reluctantly returns to his sphere, leaving Kathleen behind. I hope to get to works by this author sometime this year.

It just occurred to me that kids today might not know what a telephone cord is either. You can see why this ojnes is more of a hard sell post-Potter than “Oh yeah, Chrestomanci, these books also have a Wizard School.

One of the most beautiful fantasy tales that I have ever read.

Review of Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones

I also loved most of the characters in the book. Yet again dian shows her total understanding of the human condition by writing about something beyond it. His punishment is to be born on Earth as a dog and retrieve the Zoi–or die trying. This book is hard to find these days, and has been out of print dogsbodu at least 10 years. At least I was lucky enough to randomly stumble across Daniel Pinkwater on my own.

I got the sense of this in her Dalemark Quartet and even in Howl – where one feels that there could be so much more.

Unfortunately the woman who owns his mother decides to kill Sirius and all his puppy brothers and sisters by drowning them in the river. Basil asks for the “meteorite”. Ladyhawke Joan D Vinge 7. I don’t know how old Kathleen is, but she can’t be older than 11, and the thought of a healthy grown woman standing by while a child struggles with responsibilities she’s not ready for makes me sick.


Though it does irk a little that Wynne Jones doesn’t perhaps use her time and resources evenly, the fact that she packs so much in is certainly a bonus, particularly since so much of the story is at such a humble level.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones

This sparing touch with celestial powers means that the book always maintains its level of danger and never gives the idea that power automatically makes for safety.

Duffield, Kathleen’s uncle, is the distant father who doesn’t notice anything ddiana isn’t important to him. Ultimately this book disappointed me but it’s still by Diana Wynne Jones which means it’s still good.

The three eynne cats for example and Sirius developing enmities and alliances with them, not to mention Sirius’ discovery of several other dogs all are handled extremely well, in particular I love the fact that not only Sirius but all the other animals we meet are very much typical dianq, and yet fully rounded characters in their own right.

Jul 15, Melissa McShane rated it it was amazing Shelves: His quest seems hopeless until at last Sol, Moon, and Earth itself come to his aid. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl.