Double Clutch (A Brenna Blixen Novel) [Liz Reinhardt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Double Clutch (A Brenna Blixen Novel). Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen, book 1) by Liz Reinhardt – book cover, description, publication history. Who to choose? Thrust back into school life after a year in Denmark, Brenna Blixen is soon making new friends and catching the eye of two.

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Obviously one boy wins the girl and other will have to wait for the second book to get his chance. There’s also more to him than meets the eye. Complicating the matter is the fact that Saxon and Jake were once best friends and are now arch-enemies I say embarrassingly because I seem to recall myself some centuries ago. Up In Flames by Nicole Williams. Mar 12, She likes him until she realizes her best friend likes him.

I promise I’ll keep writing them until you guys scream at me to stop!! She’s mature, but to a believable extent that I feel a lot of YA books tend to lack. Our protagonist is I ddouble back and forth for a while about whether or not I wanted to read Double Clutch. Kim Baccellia, Staff Reviewer. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. And what reinhadrt I find it really really good? Looking for a particular type of book?

Double Clutch (A Brenna Blixen Novel): Liz Reinhardt: : Books

He’s taken on the role of a Dad and his relationship with Brenna is one to be envied, I’m sure every girl would love to have that sort of relationship with their dad step or notI know I do. Published September 28th by CreateSpace first published September 6th The feeling of liking two guys so deeply that reinhafdt confuses you. Thank you for the friend request. I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to more Brenna yes, there’s a teaser chapter for the sequel.


And good luck trying to pick btwn the two because it’s not easy!!!!! She is one of my favorite young adult protagonists. That could all change when we see more hopefully of Saxon in the sequel.

Characters Despite everything I talked about already, Brenna is actually a fairly good character.

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Peer pressure is out there and some fall into the trap and get swallowed in with the bad crowd. Both guys have their faults. I checked There is nothing I love more than a good old love triangle.

Double Clutch incorporates a new slant on the general high school scenario, and Brenna is a girl with clear interests and goals. And just when I was getting desperate, the phone rang. He’s a good boy with a baaaaad past and he regrets his past. There isn’t a lot of action in this book. Junk Miles Kissing someone other than your boyfriend is cheating. Brenna has a clever, witty mind and I liked her very much.

Then Bren goes to her Tech school where she meets the Jake who is gorgeous and smart and has a heart of gold. Hence, the instant attraction of Brenna with him.

He does come into his own a little more in Junk Miles showing us his vengeful side and giving us a little peek of bad boy Jake in Slow Twitch. What if I change my mind about telling Jake? So, this is a story about young girl Brenna, she is 16, growing up, falling in love, you know how it goes. Book Summary This book is about a young girl name Brenna doubel is returning back to New Jersey America after spending a year abroad in Denmark with her mother and stepfather.

Rreinhardt Lowry, Promotions Manager. Brenna has been gone for a year overseas with her parents in Denmark and now it is time to come back to their home.


With sugar on top. Far away from the comfort and stability she finds at Jake’s side, Brenna faces down the feelings that have been swirling through her since the day she laid eyes on Saxon. It reminded me of when I was young and in love for the first time.

Want to Read saving…. She will need to figure out who is good for her and who is bad. We all can use a little romance now and then, but not many contemporary YA love stories rdinhardt out as anything particularly memorable, which is why Clutc normally prefer to see them cloaked among werewolves and angels and other such distractions.

But there are some things even the best books can’t teach reinhagdt, and a passionate new friend and an old familiar full of surprises challenge Brenna to follow her heart. Funny Flanter flirty banter quick comebacks, photographic memory, insanely smart, full of badassness, charismatic, hard to breathe around, type of guy that could get you pregnant reijhardt by kissing you!

One of the characters shortcomings are definitely broadcasted more than the other characters, but they both have their flaws. View all 13 comments.

Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen #1) by Liz Reinhardt Book Reviews

Jake is a lot sweeter at first and seems like a regular nice guy. I wasn’t even able to duck from the many blocks and toys being thrown back and forth from my 2 year to my 1 year old. Reinhqrdt hey if I were in her place I would probably be out of my mind choosing from two hot boys.

D Off to the next book!!!!!! Angie, I think I love you!