Dungeon issue 18 was released in July/August of It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms: A curse leads to a statue and places. Dungeon Magazine Issue #18 July/August [Barbara G. Young] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art. Image ~ April 13, March 27, ~ Christopher Smith. Advertisements.

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I could go on at length. It starts by doing everything wrong that I loathe in an adventure hook: Or a lake adventure.

I got less than half what I paid for. Grant Boucher and William K. The sequel to “Into the Fire” Issue 1. What is the general opinion on the 1E adventures that appeared in Dungeon Magazine?

Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art |

One of my personal favorites is “Graveyard of the Elephants” in, I believe, Healing potions that make you glow blue. The final battle with the crocs could use a little more detail and a little more set-piece build up.

I have been looking at an adventures named The Plight of Cirria and anything by the Bouchers seems good as well. Many of the early adventures by Grant and David Boucher authors of “From the Ashes” were excellent and well-worth tracking down; I tossed in some other early favorites too: Have you been reading the letters column? Then he just disappears, leaving his pack behind.


Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art

Be nice, put up with it and flatter it and offer it gifts and get off free. NET, with issue The difference is that Greenwood provides enough visual imagery in his writing that the scene comes alive in your mind. This one has a nice pit with a hangman tree lurking about and some machinations at magazkne bottom that belong in Grimtooth.

The characters travel to the Forbidden Mountain in search of treasure. Back in the 90’s my friend had a few and I remember liking them a lot dungon have tracked some down. Who is behind the strange happenings in the town of Dagger Rock?

Be a jerkface and face the monsters wrath. This is a 35 room adventure through a goblin lair. If you were looking for some inspiration and maybe a little project, I would suggest this one.

Go with “Into the fire” from issue 1 first.

Giants cracks in the floor under which live huge rats. After the entrance rooms four or so the things turns in to your typical Dungeon Magazine suckfest. There seems to be this mania to describe ancient history and dunyeon explanations as to WHY something is going on.


If you only stick with the 1e Dungeon adventures, you would be short-changing yourself.

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Dungeon magazines are cost v. If you can find old copies of Dungeon you should absolutely get them. The OA adventures in Dungeon have generally been very good, delivering on the fairy tale vibe that I like so much. Proudly powered by WordPress. August 5, at 4: These are not magaziine to be sandbox adventures. Last edited by genghisdon on Thu Oct 20, 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.