A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope, SARUM is an epic novel that traces the entire turbulent course of English history. This rich tapesty weaves a. Sarum. Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families – the Wilsons, the Masons, the. Sarum. Q. You decided to write Sarum straight away? A. Not quite. For about three months I thought about several projects, but none seemed right. The idea of .

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I was astounded, and my life changed entirely from that moment.


It is with this formula that Sarum hooks the reader, and introduces them effortlessly to historic periods that are sarumm known to us through documentation, saeum those about which we can only speculate. Of the five families, two are the main focus of the edwadd The chapter on Stonehenge was great. Sarum was interesting, but it was the longest thousand page book I’ve ever read.

On the whole, I feel Rutherfurd was a bit too ambitious in writing this first novel. That first or so pages are an educational, descriptive and adventurous epic that fires the imagination. So we have mostly accessible writing over the course of various short stories, all tied together by a common setting by interweaving the stories of five families and their descendants over the course of millenia, starting with just after the ice age.

It puts a very personal face on history.

When he takes his time to tell the story, as opposed to telling the historythings still work in Sarum. I was sometimes a little spacey because I was so deep in the book, but she never complained.

I wish I had read it thirty years ago but, of course, it hadn’t been written yet. It took me two months to read this, not just because it is so HUGE but also because the style made it difficult to engage.

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Francis Edward Wintlebest known under his pen name Edward Rutherfurdwas born in the cathedral city of Salisbury.


How did you celebrate this success? Group Read 1 Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd. Sarum is definitely what I would describe as a marathon read – I attempted the marathon more than 10 yrs ago, and events lead me on ruthrefurd other things.

Like the other books I have read by Rutherfurd I found it a fascinating read but not nearly as good as some of his later books. The masterly creation of the inner ring of blue stones at Stonehenge is the work of a squat stone worker who is tortured by jealousy, just as the exquisite carvings in the chapter house of Salisbury Cathedral are cut by a mason driven almost insane by lust.

It would take a historian to criticize that ruherfurd of Rutherfurd’s storytelling, though obviously everything involving the neolithic settlers, followed by the bronze age settlers, ancestors of the Celts, and pretty much everything up to Roman times, has to be more speculation than known fact. How historically accurate is this book? Although some of the archeology in the early part of the book is a little wobbly now book came out inthe rest is solid and was backed by my reference books.

Sarum (novel) – Wikipedia

Not that the latter parts lacked positive qualities. I spent a fair amount of time in and around Salisbury in the early ‘s, one of my favorite areas in Britain.

Stay in Touch Sign up. The verbosity of a Michener is missing, but all the other elements are present, from geology and archaeology to a rich story of human life. I passed though the region once, twenty years ago, on the way to a vacation in Cornwall.

Thus a poor, storm-beaten vagabond in prays for a sign from God as to which road he should take on his journey and is treated to a miraculous indicator in the form of a lightning bolt that burns an absolutely straight path across a cornfield it points to London: Even if I don’t like a book I usually still force myself to read to the end.


Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd | : Books

Rutherfurd was brilliant at bringing the history of the area, and particularly the cathedral’s history, to life. This is undoubtedly one of the best English historical novels I have ever read.

And his research fell short in developing his ancient culture of England. The first pages or so are amazing. What had been a book about people who lived through the changing fortunes of their world began to be more of a vehicle for historical presentation that made a sometimes too occasional use of characters as cover.

I had some mixed feelings while reading this book.

Religion and class wealth play a rutherfrud roll, bigger than I appreciated before, and this is to the book’s credit. I also think that there was an ever so slight preoccupation with sex.

Rutherfurd’s style, his dialogue, his characters, make the story unfold much a whipped cream pouring from a bowl – smooth, tasty, delicious. I feel that I now have a much more comprehensive idea of how the England of today became what it is; the mix of races, cultures, behaviours and religions.

Michener also gets you, the reader, more into his characters. And it doesn’t work.

I knew I’d have to give myself to the book completely, full time, sdward as long as it took. Welcome Please choose your regional preference: