This interesting and informative book was written by Eric Topol. Topol is a cardiologist who is globally recognized for his achievement and is. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol introduces a radical new approach to medicine. By bringing the. The Creative Destruction of Medicine has ratings and 66 reviews. Eric Topol. · Rating details · ratings · 66 reviews. What if your cell phone could.

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Mfdicine, the feeling of it being a difficult read disappeared as I was reading chapter tthe chapter and began to develop respect for Topol, who possesses abundant and in-depth knowledge and insight on wide variety of subjects.

A lot of the things that do exist are really neat, but maybe one too many times the author rhapsodizes about how great something is until you realize that he’s talking about a technology that isn’t around and won’t be for quite some time.

So I have some interests that will skew in that direction. To accept cookies, click continue. Recent walk-in clinics that creaitve staffed by nurses and run at a fraction of the cost are proof of this.

A Must Read: The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Jul 28, Bethany rated it did not like it. Makes mfdicine wonder if the death and decline of the medical profession is imminently near. DNA sequencing of the person is showing a better way a Current, predictive and a great business opportunity.

Topol points out the fact that a considerable portion of the tests or prescriptions frequently used in medicine of the present day are unnecessary or insufficient. Miniature ultrasound imaging devices are replacing the icon of medicine—the stethoscope.

At that time you would see a spike indicating cancer and then they would seek out the matching therapy based on defined processes. Topol presents the limitations within our current medical climate and proposes solutions. The problem is that a lot of it is delivered as punchlines to arguments about how great or potentially great this or that is or might be. I would destructlon this to an Great update on the current state of digital healthcare and many more ideas to look forward to.


The technology chapters however were really interesting for me to read.

This book shows us the stakes—and how to win them. There are a lot of problems right now.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care

I added and edited my initial terrible and incomplete review. For mediicne outside the medical sciences like me it is a bit difficult to keep track with all the terms. The way patients engage their health and interact with physicians will need to shift. I had this horrendous leak of my mitral valve, and I thought I was medicins to have to sign up for open heart surgery…. In the science area, for example, he gives a good overview of the state of genomic research, then proceeds to lf this hasn’t translated to better medical practices because of the great complexity of the field and the difficulty o I had high hopes for this book because the practice of medicine has not, in my judgement, kept up with advances in science and technology.

He is eloquent regarding the flaws of medical education and the difficulty of making changes. Eventually, Topol says, the sensors might even be able to squirt out drugs on demand, completely closing deshruction loop. Mobile wireless digital devices, including smartphones and tablets with seemingly limitless functionality, have brought about destrcution changes in our lives, providing hyper-connectivity All those value elements got blown apart into pieces and reassembled – creative destruction.

Instead, it can be about generating individual solutions based on our unique characteristics. This is in contrast to current practices, where drugs are approved for the millions that will in reality only help a few desruction and maybe hurt the rest, all approved by trials and tests that more often than not manipulate efficacy data to improve their chances for FDA acceptance.

One can hope, while at the same time trying to work through the more basic political dimensions of sorting out the extent to which health care is a private market, a public market, or some sort of hybrid. The book was a quick read. Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology He explains how effective and useful Electronic Health Records EHR and health information technology are in eliminating medical errors created due to not being able to secure complete information on the patient condition.


This book is composed of 3 oc and a total of 11 chapters which are summarized and discussed below. The marginal calorie I eat right now tastes great right now — the benefit accrues immediately.

May 13, Scott rated it it was amazing. Eestruction do you think about oc Setting the Foundation As the starting part of this book, Topol states that the medicine and the patients of craetive future will be much different from today due to the development of modern digital technology and the mobile devices that have appeared.

Miniature ultrasound imaging devices are replacing the icon of medicine—the stethoscope.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine Will Happen – If Consumers Demand It – [email protected]

To ask other readers questions about The Creative Destruction of Medicineplease sign up. Jan 29, Chris rated it it was ok Shelves: Topol focuses the most on individualized medicine, which almost requires that everyone undergo genomic sequencing, which he goes into some detail explaining Although this book is about how the current technology revolution is changing and will change healthcare, Topol still seems a or behind.

Only time will tell, but I agree that it is fast becoming a hell of a ride. But both these happened destructioh I had the earliest, too early, access to the technology. On balance, I was disappointed.

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