Configuring EtherChannels. LACP EtherChannels and the ad provider- bridge mode are mutually exclusive. LACP. EtherChannels cannot transmit traffic . Cheatsheet. no comment on–Enable Etherchannel only “Manual On Mode” passive–Enable Switch1(config)# interface port-channel 2. Part of Cisco Networking All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet EtherChannel allows you to take up to eight network ports on your switch and treat them as a.

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D – down P – bundled in port-channel I – stand-alone s – suspended H – Hot-standby LACP only R – Layer3 S – Layer2 U – in use f – failed to allocate aggregator M – not in use, minimum links not met u – unsuitable for bundling w – waiting to be aggregated d – default port Number of channel-groups in use: They’d been a little ‘thin’ lately EtherChannel Bandwidth and Costs Finally, remember that the perceived bandwidth of a port-channel interface is equal to the sum of its active member links.

He is known for his blog and cheat sheets here at Packet Life. However, note the timing of the system messages: Ciscotime guest January 23, at 6: If source MAC load-balancing is in use, these frames will be forwarded down only one member link, because the outcome of the hash function will always be the same.

We can inspect the health of the EtherChannel with the show etherchannel summary command: Man, that’s some skill Generally speaking, higher layer fields are more favorable as they tend to be more dynamic, resulting in a more granular distribution of traffic across member links. These protocols manage the channel establishment between the switches:.

On a 4 member port-channel the load balancing uses the last 2 binary bits. You have a skill to take the core of these concepts and express it in a brief, concise way. Once it did, we can see the state of the EtherChannel has changed to “in use”: It was usefull for me to understand the load balancing feature very well.

If you connect the interfaces as shown above without configuring EtherChannel, then a Spanning-tree loop will be detected and 3 out of 4 links will be blocked by Spanning-Tree Protocol.


When configuring etherchannel between two switches, should they have the same number in both ends? With EtherChannel configured, multiple links are grouped into a port-channel, which is assigned its own configurable virtual interface. For example, an EtherChannel with three active Mbps members will show a bandwidth of Mbps. So if you were using src-mac load balancing on a layer-3 port-channel all the data would go down the same member, because the packet gets the interfaces source mac.

EtherChannel is Cisco’s term for bundling two or more physical Ethernet links for the purposes of aggregating available bandwidth and, to a lesser extent, providing a measure of physical redundancy.

Direction of flow is also an important detail. This increases bandwidth but also enhances redundancy between the switches. More cool stuff networking-forum. I think it was in the BCMSN book that discussed it, but etherchanenl though you can have from 2 – 8 links in your chaet there are distribution advantages to the number of links related to the algorithm that is ran.

Cisco Switch EtherChannel Configuration – LACP – PAgP

One thing to add. UTC EtherChannel is Cisco’s term for bundling two or more physical Ethernet links for the purposes of aggregating available bandwidth and, to a lesser extent, providing a measure of physical redundancy. There are two Etherchannel protocols. For more information on EtherChannel bandwidth and spanning tree considerations, see Etherchannel costs and failover. Comments Dear Sir, if i do not use the trunk port command,,then it will work for LACP or not…means i do not use trunk for vlan thanks.

Do you have any information how to configure Etherchannel using NAS box? I want o add 4 more 10 gig links to the bundle to make it 16x S1 config port-channel load-balance? S2 config-if-range channel-group 1 mode passive Creating a port-channel interface Port-channel 1 When the member ports etherchabnel both sides of the EtherChannel are enabled, the port-channel interface also transitions to the up state.

In our example above, 4x1Gbps interfaces were bundled together thus forming a 4Gbps pipe from cheaf to servers.

This blog entails my own thoughts and ideas, which may not represent the thoughts of Cisco Systems Inc. Ciscotime guest January 19, at 9: While access can use MAC.


This time we observe that the port-channel interface is enabled as soon as its first member port comes up, as there is no delay imposed by negotiation:. Interface takes the bubdle mtu that’s why individual interface does not need mtu configured.

Jeremy, everyday when I have spare time wtherchannel work I’ve been reading your blog, I have to say: The site looks excellent! I mean “Bandwidth and Cost” I’ve heard that the number of links in Etherchanel must be 2 or 4 or 8 and so on.

Once it did, we can see the state of etherchannle EtherChannel has changed to “in use”:. Sai guest March 10, at 5: The 3 links are up and running just fine but when I give this command “bundle id 50 mode active” and then do “commit” it does not commit and asked me to run “show configuration failed” command.

Cisco Switch EtherChannel Configuration – LACP – PAgP

On nexus I was able to create 16×10 bundle but on CRS1 I was only able to add one link but 3 other links getting error. Your email address will not be published.

When the member ports on both sides of the EtherChannel are enabled, the port-channel interface also transitions to the up state. To configure an EtherChannel using LACP negotiation, each side must be set to either active or passive ; only interfaces configured in active mode will attempt to negotiate an EtherChannel.

The “show configuration failed” command doesn’t really give any specific reason as to why the link can not be added. With Etherchannel, we can bundle together up to 8 interfaces to form a single logical link Port-Channel and traffic is load-balanced between all interfaces. I can write often, or I can write thoroughly. Rupesh guest November 21, at 3: