You can also check the Adobe Flex 4 Livedocs for that particular host component’s class documentation to see the required skin parts, skin. Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 final releases were released on 3/22/! and (as well as some Flex 4 beta. At work, I wanted to review some information on the Adobe Flex 4 LiveDocs help documentation and had a lot of trouble finding it online.

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Adobe Flex | Devgirl’s Weblog | Page 2

If there is no matching substring, the method returns Finding patterns in strings and replacing substrings Regular expression syntax. September 26, at String and the getter and setter and in the skin file — iconButtonSkin — i used hostComponent.

String Returns the primitive value of a String instance. String — The string value of the specified Unicode character codes. About the Author Author Profile. September 20, at The CSS way to do it is nice when you want to apply a certain skin to all instances of a component that you may have created a custom class for, such as Button for example.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Adobe Flex 4 Documentation: The following lines of code are equivalent:. May 29th, at String [static] Returns a string comprising the characters represented by the Unicode character codes in the parameters.

Returns a string that includes the startIndex character and all characters up to, but not including, the endIndex character.


Returns int — The index of the first matching substring, or -1 if there is no match. Returns a string consisting of the character specified by startIndex and all characters up to endIndex – 1.

String – AS3

I would also highly recommend spending some time going through the source code in the Flex 4 SDK to understand the architecture better. This site uses cookies.

If the limit parameter is specified, then the returned array will have no more than the specified number of elements. If you know exactly what color you are using fkex, you can set the background to that and it will matte it to that color. In the case of skinning an Application, the actual Application. While working on the Tour de Flex samples for Flex 4, I spent some time digging into the new Flex 4 Skinning Architecture and found that I could do some really cool stuff with it.

For inline MXML, you simply set the skinClass property on the root Application tag to the fully-qualified name of your custom class. Is it possible to setup a skin that will use a color defined by a skinnable component?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the parameter. For instance, it may generate your FXG for a drawn border using the Path FXG object based on what you drew that you can use without having to figure all the specific points out.

I figure what better way to make sure you have control over every detail than by starting with the Flex 4 SDK default skin class currently being used by the container or component.

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Flex Examples

If the character indexed by startIndex is the same as or livvedocs the right of the character indexed by endIndexthe method returns an empty string. You need initial traffic boost only. We plan to roll out more every livedoccs days over the next […].

Check his blog for more about these samples, and check Tour de Flex to see the […]. You will however have to be sure that you have the necessary requirements for the class on your laptop prior to attending, and these requirements are posted along with the session flwx on the MAX portal.

Returns String — A copy of this string with all uppercase characters converted to lowercase. March 17th, at Filter by product using the preset filters This reference combines the information about the ActionScript language elements and libraries for the following Adobe products and runtimes. The original value of tlex source String object remains unchanged.

So for an Application you may want to modify the ApplicationControlBar look in addition to the background. AS3 function localeCompare other: You can find a more detailed description of this here: I truly enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.

Scroll down until you see the section labeled Skin Parts foex the class documentation. In the following example, only the first instance of “sh” case-sensitive is replaced: Check out this link for some information on this and an example http: The original string is not modified.