View and Download FUTABA 12FG specifications online. CHANNEL COMPUTER SYSTEMS. 12FG Remote Control pdf manual download. 12fg, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 12FG User Manual. Get Futaba 12FG Instruction Manual. Get all Futaba manuals!.

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Page PIT to RUD mixing Revolution mixing Use this mix when you want to suppress the However, when a GY Series or other heading reaction torque generated by main rotor pitch and hold gyro is used, since correction is performed speed changes during pitch operation.

After the set mode is changed from group mode [G] to single mode [S] at the control selection screen, only that condition setting is changed by control change; setting of other conditions remains the same. Also, transmitters are region-coded, so for example a UK supplied transmitter won’t work with a US module. If the frequency is correct, push the EDIT button. Each condition is assigned a priority, the highest priority taking precedence if multiple conditions are selected. It flies it very well I would say.

An alarm futsba that the function is operating. A warning beep is emitted if you try to power up with a non-default flight condition — this could save a few undercarriages being retracted on the ground.

Styling Ease of Use Options. When mixing is applied from one channel to another channel, both channels can be adjusted at the same time by adjusting the operation rate through the AFR function. The comments, observations and conclusions made in this review are solely with respect to the particular item the editor reviewed and may not apply generally to similar products by the manufacturer.

What you’ll find with the 12FG is the menus futana adjustments the same way in each setting airplane, heli, glider making 12ft job setting up models much easier. This lowers the idle speed of the engine.

Page 14 To change the trim rate, you must activate this through the function menu, within the linkage menu. Futaaba Linkage menu takes you to the basic model settings like choosing which model you’ll fly, which frequency to use, sub-trim options and more. It can be used to bank scale models, large models, etc. Perform this setting with the Idle Down function of the Linkage Menu.


Send it to the Futaba Service Center. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. This could very well mean the difference between a lawn dart and a safe landing.

Futaba 12FG : Instruction Manual

However, futzba you wanted to setup a glider you have just as many options available and it could look something like this: Helicopter basic setting procedure This section outlines examples of use of the helicopter functions of the T12FG.

The goals for programming the Futaba 12FG were: Beyond that, there’s not much else in this menu that will be of daily interest.

Common operations used in function setup screen This section describes the functions often used at the function setup screen.

Page 5 Application, Export, and Modification 1. This does at least allow experiment without the need to operate a model. All mixers are based on the ‘master-slave’ concept, whereby one control affects multiple servos.

FUTABA 12FG Manuals

Starts ftuaba sets ftaba trainer system. This is a full-house competition glider, with four servos in the wing, and two in futxba V-tail. It’s not an all-or-nothing feature either as the user decides which features should be condition dependent and which should be global. Page 93 BUTTERFLY This function allows powerful brake operation by simultaneously raising the left and right ailerons and lowering the flaps camber flap, This setting will allow the ailerons to be raised while the flaps are simultaneously lowered.

Page 16 Stick Adjustment Adjustment of Throttle Stick Ratchet System Adjustment of the stick lever length You can also choose either airplane ratchet system or helicopter-touch. On the face of it the manual looks comprehensive, but dig deeper and it has to be said the quality is somewhat lacking.

Selecting which model you’ll be flying only takes a few simple steps. Other settings reset the data used in mixing function, etc. Nicest of all, the control responses were noticeably quicker than the Operations related to servo speed Servo speed setting The servo speed at each function operation including flight condition switching can be adjusted.


The following additional accessories are available from your dealer.

First use the Model Type function of the Linkage Menu to preset the model type, wing type, and tail type matched to the fuselage used. BUTTERFLY This function allows powerful brake operation by simultaneously raising the left and right ailerons and lowering the flaps camber flap, This setting will allow the ailerons to be raised fhtaba the flaps are simultaneously lowered.

The lower part of the facia is dominated by the LCD display. The instruction manual runs to pages and is divided into seven sections. Operation modes The operation modes when stick, trim lever, or knob was selected are described below. The left and right aileron differential can be adjusted independently.

The 12FG gave me no resistance, it found the Cap’s receiver instantly. Receiver nomenclature Before using the receiver, be sure to read the precautions listed in the following pages. Think how many times this one feature alone would have saved our models. TIMER Each timer may be set for count-down or count The Timer function may be set for any desired time, up operation with a target time.

SWASH RING This function limits the swash travel to within a fixed range to prevent damaging of the swash linkage by simultaneous operation of the ailerons and elevators.

Futaba manusl made the decision to establish their own service and support operations in the US. Although your 12FG protects the model memories with non-volatile EEPROM memory which does not require periodic replacement and not a battery, it still should have regular checkups. That’s quite handy to have available, wouldn’t you say? As one might expect, the Futaba 12FG offers a comprehensive list of built-in mixers too many to list here as well as 12dg free mixers.

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