The Second Concerning the Son. I. Since I have by the power of the Spirit sufficiently overthrown the subtleties and intricacies of the arguments, and already. The Fifth Theological Oration. On the Holy Spirit. I. Such then is the account of the Son, and in this manner He has escaped those who would stone Him, passing. Oration 1 · Oration 2 · Oration 3 · Oration 7 · Oration 8 · Oration 12 · Oration 16 · Oration 18 · Oration 21 · Oration 27 First Theological Oration Oration 28 Second.

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The follies reason leads to in attempting to conceive what the Deity is are shown in considering the spatiality of divine being.

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But we sketch Him by His Attributes, and so obtain a certain faint and feeble and partial idea concerning Him, and our best Theologian is he who has, not indeed discovered the whole, for our present chain does not allow of our seeing the whole, but conceived of Him to a greater extent than another, and gathered in himself more of the Likeness or adumbration of the Truth, or whatever we may call it.

Views Read Edit View history. In the “time of restitution,” we will be “entirely like God. What limit establishes transcendence? Faith Gives Fullness to Reasoning: Dionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite Mystical Theology. The Son is the begotten, and the Holy Ghost is the emission.

And I think that anyone, even if he did not read it in the way that one of our own Students did, would soon perceive that not even the Son knows the day or hour otherwise than as the Father does. Have you ever known a man of such stupidity as to venture either to think or to assert any such thing?

The Son was the True Light which lightens every man coming into the world. Of the three views of the divine, viz. Poetry and Faith,” Patristic and Byzantine Review These sentences both “proceed upon the basis of a common Godhead. But he is equally concerned about the destructive consequences of unholy disputation.

From what teachers of dogma or mythology? Oration 31, Oratio theologica quinta: The first pairs, then, that I referred to are accounted for thus.

For this is the Anointing of His Manhood, and does not, as is the case with all other Anointed Ones, sanctify by its action, but by the Presence in His Fulness of the Anointing One; the effect of which is that That which anoints is called Man, and makes that which is anointed God. But in this case the common nature has a unity which is only conceivable in thought; and the individuals are parted from one another very far indeed, both by time and by dispositions and by power.


And I have heard of some who are even more clever, and measure Deity; and these agree with us that there are Three Conceptions; but they have separated these from one another so completely as to make one of them infinite both in essence and power, and the second in power but not in essence, and the third circumscribed in both; thus imitating in another way those who call them the Creator, the Co-operator, and the Minister, and consider that the same order and dignity which belongs to these names is also a sequence in the facts.

For that the same thing should be at once greater than and equal to the same thing is an impossibility; and the evident solution is that the Greater refers to origination, while the Equal belongs to the Nature; and this we acknowledge with much good will. But if we find both words clearly used what will these gentlemen have to say?

For the eye and the spring and the river are numerically one, though in different forms. Arriving at Nazianzus, Gregory found the local Christian community split by theological differences and his father accused of heresy by local monks.

The patriarchs Enoch, Noah and Abraham had no absolute knowledge of God, but each “was approved because he worshipped as far as he comprehended. So important then, and so vivid are His Names. Cursus Completus Patrologiae Graecae.

Only a few months earlier he and his congregation had been attacked by an unruly crowd on Pascha. This, then, is the argument concerning these objections, so far as to be a sort of foundation and memorandum for the use of those who are better able to conduct the enquiry to a more complete working out. Perhaps some day the child will be an athlete, the puppy will see, will fight with that other, though it theologial still be unable to fight with Any other.

For in the case by which I have illustrated it the change is made ggregory successive subtractions; whereas here perfection is reached by additions.

Or rather, let me reason with you about Him from a somewhat earlier point, for we have already discussed the Trinity. Donating most of his inheritance to the needy, he lived an austere existence. We get such extra-biblical words as “unoriginate,” “unbegotten” and “immortal” all from the same place, that is, from passages that imply them.

I have just added another lengthy quotation from St Gregory, this one from Or The emperor, determined to eliminate Arianism, expelled Bishop Demophilus.

But things which are not of one essence are not thus counted…so that you cannot avoid speaking of three gods, according to this account, while we do not run any risk at all of it, inasmuch as we assert that they are not consubstantial. Emperor Valens died in What of that, they will say perhaps; do not the Greeks also believe in one Godhead, as their more advanced philosophers declare?


What titles appertaining to God do not apply also to Him, except for Unbegotten and Begotten? Feast of Orthodoxy Intercession of the Theotokos The four fasting periods: He may even have received a measure of assistance from St Jerome and Evagrius Ponticus in their composition. But since, as this is the language of Him Who assumed our Nature for He it was Who came downand not of the Nature which He assumed, we must meet the objection in this way, that the passage does not mean that the Son has a special will of His own, besides that of the Father, but that He has not; so that the meaning would be, “not to do Mine own Will, for there is none of Mine apart from, but that which is common to, Me and You; for as We have one Godhead, so We have one Will.

Problems arise such as “no place is He is said to reign in one sense as the Almighty King, both of the willing and the unwilling; but in another as producing in us submission, and placing us under His Kingship as willingly acknowledging His Sovereignty.

The begotten-unbegotten distinction lies outside the essence of divinity. And He is called Life, because He is Light, and is the constituting and creating Power of every reasonable soul. Ninthly, they allege, seeing He ever lives to make intercession for us.

Although Gregory’s health did not permit him to attend the funeral, he wrote a heartfelt letter of condolence to Basil’s brother, Gregory of Nyssa and composed twelve memorial poems dedicated to the memory of his departed friend. But now, in your technology, could either the former things be called three, when they differ so greatly in their nature, or the latter be treated as units when they are so closely connected and of one nature?

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Show me these in so many words, or we shall either set them aside, or erase them as not contained in Scripture; and you are slain by your own principle, the theolofical you rely on being overthrown, and therewith the wall of refuge in which you trusted.

Supplements to Vigiliae ChristianaeVol These include a valuable autobiographical poem of nearly 2, lines; about one hundred other shorter poems relating to his past career; and a large number of epitaphs, epigrams, and epistles to well-known people during that era.

We will begin thus.