From a plant with possibilities: This is a redirect from a plant-related title that potentially could be expanded into an article. A redirect that employs this template. Languages (No. of Names): Vernacular Names. Hindi (3): kakarundah, kukurbicha, phrongli. Kannada (9): chikku dippe, chikkudipe, chikkudippe, cikkudippe. Grewia hirsuta Vahl, Symb. Bot. 1: 粗毛扁担杆 cu mao bian dan gan. Shrubs or small trees. Branchlets coarsely gray-brown stellate hairy. Petiole

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India Biodiversity Portal

Curated for upload by Pranjal Mahananda. Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. The thing going against G. Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle.

User Group specific search options Title. Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, a tropical moist deciduous forest along the Indo-Nepal boarder com It is also found in grass lands.

Seasonal migration and reproduction are usually treated separately. May be referred to as or include habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence associated to its environment, particularly for plants.


Grewia hirsuta – Wikispecies

Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Field Assessments in the Geewia Area Desc: Document specific search options Title. I will also go with Grewia serrulata DC. Found on the hills, especially on the drier slopes. Major contributors Stars of the month Efloraofindia’s journey General.

These flowers are distictly more white than G. Flora of Karnataka, Sharma B. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you.

Grewia hirsuta

A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. It is Grewia serrulata. Peninsular India and Sri Lanka.

Yes it is Grewia hirsuta!!! We will wait for fruit, it will help to provides provide proper ID of it Thank you very much In this case the berries are distinctly 4 lobed.

Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group hirsuga terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc. A structured diagnostic description using dichotomic or multientrance keys.


Role of eFI in Sc. General description of the sites where the species is found ecosystem, forest, environment or microhabitat. Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. Thean Kallai Honey capsules ; fondly devoured by herbivores and Bears especially Details of hirsura important contributors. Describes biorhythms – those states or conditions characterised by regular repetition in time, whether on the scale of seconds, hours, days, or seasons.

Cymes axillary, pedunclesto 1 cm, tomentose; buds globose, tomentose; bracts and bracteoles 3 mm, lanceolate; sepals 6 mm, oblong, tomentose; petals 2 mm, ovate, pubescent below; staminal filaments pubescent at base.

Stars of the month. Natural History Natural History Cyclicity.

Field tips Leaves 3-nerved from base, stellate pubescent above, woolly below.