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Guru Peyarchi – 15th Dec to 21st Nov

Getting admission to the college of your choice may not be very difficult, provided you put an extra effort during the first part of Guru Peyarchi. Better first half; bad in the second. Once the Guru Adhisaram gury from 2nd May to Meena Rasi, chances of getting a job will be on the cards.

Once, the guru enter Meena adhicharam ,Labha Sthanam, things will slowly comes to normal. Your desire to do some good things to the community is great. After April, ahissaramGuru will be in Labha Sthanam 11th house — Meenam and you may have a cozy life.

One good news for Rishabam students are: Health deteriorate in first half, Make good in the second: General Prediction for different category of people are displayed here. Guru is not in a good position.

Thulam [ChithiraiSwathi, Visakam My husband is working in TVS Lucas.

Take a vow to defeat them in exam. Better to take medical insurance to your family since in the case of emergency, you may not papangal a penny to spend.


Respected Madam, Thank you so much for your valuable post Daywise prediction for Profit first, Prudence later: Guru Bhagwan is moving to Kumbam from Maharam on Wait patiently till May Avoid confrontation with superiors as well as colleagues.

Guru Peyarchi Palan 2010

Second half when guru takes adhicharam, things will improve slowly but drastically. Simham [Maham, Pooram, Uthiram 1 ].

Students find this more problematic than anyone else as the exams are conducted during March-May when guru is absolutely in a bad position. Superiors will realize your situation and will have a soft corner for you. Expenses mount, Its double trouble:: Politics and Current Affairs.

But if you manage to stay till 2nd May,the problem will reduce to a great extent. Now Guru is coming to tenth place. Unlike last yearwhen Guru was in Janma sthanam you might had sleepless worry-some nights, Expenses were beyond reach, diseasespeaceless life with shortage of money. Guru will be in 12th sthanam Viraya Sthanamexpenses will increase beyong your reach.

Regards to health, there will not be much problem. Guru has come to your house. MahamPooramSimhamUthiram 1.

I thought something useful will be better. Chithirai 3Chithirai 4 SwathiThulamVisakam Hi all, For those who cannot go to Guru Parihara sthalams themselves can very well use the service of Parihara. Pray Dakshinamurthy with Guru Gayathri 48 peyarchu daily till 1st may and 21 times daily afterwards.


But settle for any job till November as you need to pass this period quietly. Friends will become foe. Not a good sign for people who born in Rishabam esp. Yajur Veda Thrikala Sandhyavandanam in tamil pdf Latest: Profits will go southwards. Mithunam [MirugaseeshamThiruvathirai, Punarpoosam ].

Guru Peyarchi Palan | Tamil Brahmins Community

General Prediction for different category paangal people were displayed here. Karur chandru New member Oct 16, Income will slightly increase. AyilyamKatagamPoosamPunarpoosam 4. Now, Guru has come to 9th place Bhakya Sthanam which will bring profits and rewards. These things will stop slowly from 2nd May onwards when Guru enter Meena Adicharam.

Even a small mistake will make you run.