The GY gyro by Futaba is perhaps the most popular RC helicopter gyro ever. need the manual for the GY, you can grab that here. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. Manual GY Be the first to rate this product. Recommend · Ask question. Description. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. CopterX GY Digital Gyro user manual. Thank you for purchasing CopterX GY Gyro! High performance, light weight gyro with AVCS (Angular Vector.

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My most popular eBook! It avoids the use of any preprogrammed gyro software, because many months of following posts and questions on the various web forums has proven that those software menus sometimes produce more confusion than the set up about to be detailed.

I know many people who started with a Futaba GY gyro in gy40 small size electric knowing one day they wanted to get into a larger electric or nitro powered heli.

Step by step setup: On my gy that came with the servo I have found 84 is what manuao took. With the GY there is very little reason to use standard rate mode.

Proper technique for greatest tail rotor servo life should be to run as much gain as needed for the most demanding maneuver and no more. On most helicopters, a servo wheel with ball joint mounting radius of Connect the one with 3 to the rudder channel of the receiver labeled ‘Rudd’.


The Futaba GY Gyro

Yes, the tape that comes with the gyro is not very cushiony, but that’s the way it needs to be. Also make sure the trims are centered. This adjustment only effects how fast the tail moves your pirouette rate.

Wait 4 seconds for the gyro to initialize. One side controls heading hold gain; the other manal controls rate gain.

Make certain left and right inputs are checked, because many helicopters have asymmetrical tail rotor pitch change mechanisms. A higher value will make the heli pirouette faster and a lower value will make the tail slower.

The GY works best with the or servos, period. Speaking of servos, the came in two different packages. Lets take a look at this latest “SAFE” manial version to help you decide if it’s worth adding to the…. The delay trimmer should remain at 0. In the old days, we ran as much gain as possible without having the tail “hunt” or “wag”.

Team Futaba Tip #2

It has been perfectly matched to operate with the GY in fast digital mode. It may or may not initialize correctly depending on where the position you have the GEAR kanual remember this is now the switch that will control the gyro.

Quick Start Guide for the GY That leaves two other connectors, one with 3 wires and the other with 1 wire. Before we continue it helps to understand the characteristics of this gyro. Now that you have the gyro initialized correctly, flip the GEAR switch.

  GEMU 1436 PDF

The Futaba GY401 Gyro

The tape works great, use it. Next disconnect the rudder link from the servo. Inhibit all preprogrammed gyro software in the transmitter. Futaba GY Gyro. For now set both to but later you may need to adjust this down a little to keep the gyro from ‘hunting’. The instructions with most gyros say to use a much msnual distance however I found it to work best at around 13mm.

Continue with the next step to determine if it’s in the right mode. This servo boasts a speed of 0. One direction will set the gain value for heading hold and the other will be for standard rate. The Futaba Gt401 had a built in Limit Trimmer adjustment manuual you can set the amount of tail rotor servo travel to avoid servo over travel and stress on the servo.

Channel 5 works well in most Futaba receivers and transmitters. Its simple set-up and solid performance characteristics have made it a hands down favorite among many sport helicopter pilots.

Do not disturb the rudder. If you didn’t have a programmable computerized radio that you can program in different ATV values for the gain settings, the Futaba GY will not work for you — there are no gain or mode selection options on the gyro case.