Find great deals for HAMEG HM 20mhz Oscilloscope. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Oszilloskop HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build , 12 pictures, 11 schematics, 1 tubes, Germany, semiconductors, Service- or Lab. Finally got the dust off my Hameg I bought from a car boot sale about 2 years ago and forgot about it. I didn’t have the space, then moved to a.

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This question appears to be off-topic.

How to calibrate the vertical sensitivity of an old analog scope Hameg HM? Should be fine to power it on and adjust it with the cover off, just be careful not to short anything with a metal screwdriver and stay away from the HV supply to the CRT. Disconnect the power cable, and remove the scope cover; Place the scope vertically, so the VR pot can be reached and the front panel still reachable ; Reconnect the power cable, turn the scope on, and supply the reliable 5 volts in my case it was through a digital Lab PSU, so I also rechecked with 1 volts, 2 volts, etc.

I play with my fingers on multimeters too and saw the resistance between both hands is lower then between 2 fingers on the same hand if I active my muscles also I do it with radio and my body act like a antenna if I disconect it is like a flat line, I think the form of the wave form will be more like a sinwave. Nothing scary, the scarier part was the amount of spider webbing inside: Z80user on December 04, Repeat this test with the other probe.


Spend some time and clean the front panel and knobs and start playing with it. Is asking on how to fix a faulty circuit on topic? As suggested, I just tried it and calibrated it myself. Does it look like a square wave 2 divisions high and 1 wide per period? User manual here addition to previous link.

I know Distrelec stocks some, but they are not alone. The ones I’ve found are in German, and contain schematics only, no instructions. There was an error while thanking. So my questions are, Is there anything else to it, besides the pot adjustment? I’m replacing the power line wired with a new one but will be in months untils I will have ground wires, I life in a old house with wires cover by sewing thread something like that.

I think the missing knobs can be replaced by something from the ELMA range. Turn all three red variable controls fully counter-clockwise.

I’m aware that exposed CRTs are lethally dangerous. Z80user on December 03, The oscilloscope still a bit dush outside and on switchs, I don’t clear all of the switches.


I think something is wrong. Please login or register.


So I assume the “calibrated position” must be recalibrated. INP sockets are connected together and they are also connected to the mains earth when you get that in your house. Until now I fix some switch, create a new stop for one switch and replace 3 capacitors hameb now I don’t know what I can do with this noise. Did you miss your activation email?


If I mix both ha,eg and add the inverse of the second one I can cancel this noise. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. At high speed 0. Just remember that the outer metal part of both inputs and the TRIG. See it as a challange!

The problem is that there’s no mention on how to do this in the manual I was able to find. You can find the service manual here: The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: It’s probably just as simple as adjusting the pot marked Y-gain. The configuration now is two crocodrile wires with a resistor of 2K2 between both red wires, this noise 023 mostly from the channel nameg on channel 2 I get some noise but a bit lower.