maintenance and service guide – hp® official site – product name hp compaq s notebook pc processors intel® coreâ„¢ 2 duo processors t ghz . Get HP HP Compaq s Notebook PC HP Compaq s Notebook PC – Maintenance and Service Guide. Get all HP manuals!. such products and services. Fri, 21 Sep GMT HP COMPAQ S. MAINTENANCE AND. SERVICE MANUAL Pdf. Download.

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Thermal material is included with all heat sink, system board, and processor spare part kits. Reverse this procedure to install the TouchPad board and TouchPad button board.

Heat Sink Heat sink Description Spare part number Heat sink includes replacement thermal servive Before removing the heat sink, follow these steps: Creating Recovery Points Follow the on-screen instructions. Applicable product safety standards specify thermal limits for plastic surfaces. Page Where used: Page 90 6SpecificationsComputer specificationsMetricU.

Turn the system board upside down, with the USB connectors toward you. Battery Battery Description Spare part number 6-cell, Wh Li-ion battery Before disassembling the computer, follow these steps: There are 6 sfrvice feet that attach to the base enclosure in the locations illustrated below.

Thus, the warranty has been removed from this product. Fan Description Spare part number Before removing the fan, sdrvice these steps: Remove the top cover. Tell us what’s missing. The Bluetoothmodule cable is included in the Cable Kit, spare part number Page of Go.

  AIKOH 9800 PDF

Grounding guidelines Electrostatic discharge damage Electronic components are sensitive to electrostatic discharge ESD. All display assembly spare part kits include 2 WLAN antenna transceivers and cables. Page 41 Equipment guidelinesGrounding equipment must include either kanual wrist strap or a foot strap at a grounded workstation.

Unknown user passwordIf the computer you are servicing has an unknown user password, follow these steps to clear thepassword: Remove the backlight cables 1 from the clip 2 in the display panel. Page 63 Remove the followng screws: Improper cable placement can damage kanual computer. Front components Item Component Function Audio-out headphone jack Produces sound when connected to optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, ear buds, a headset, or television audio.


Remove the TouchPad bracket 2 by lifting it straight up. Press in on the ExpressCard slot eject button 1 two times. The left and right display hinges are available using spare part number Remove the fan 3 from the base enclosure.

Remove all sefvice covers 1 and screws 2 that secure the display bezel to the display assembly. The computer operates well within thisrange of temperatures.

HP Compaq 6820s Maintenance And Service Manual

Back up all personal files. When replacing the TouchPad board and TouchPad button board, be sure the TouchPadbutton actuators 2 are installed in the top cover. The computer uses an electric fan for ventilation.


Unknown User Password Unknown user password If serviec computer you are servicing has an unknown user password, follow these steps to clear the password: With this tool, you can schedule backups at specific intervals daily, weekly, or monthly or at specific events, such as at system restart or when you dock to an optional docking station select models only.

Remove the display hinges 2. Page Phillips PM2.

Hp s Notebook Maintenance And Service Manual –

Page 77 Heat sinkDescriptionSpare part numberHeat sink includes replacement thermal material Before removing the heat servicee, follow these steps: Remove the TouchPad bracket 2 by lifting it straight up.

Follow the local laws and regulations in your area for computer battery disposal. Reverse this procedure to install the top cover.

Page 73 Remove the fan 3 from the base enclosure. Remove the display panel frame 2 from the display panel. Back up all personal files. Page display inverter removal 52 jacks spare part number 13, 26, removal 64 audio-in 8 spare part number 14, 25, audio-out 8 display lid switch module headphone 8 illustrated 19 feet microphone 8 removal 49 locations 34 modem 9 display panel spare part number 34 network 9 product description