Iordache Bota on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more, Sign . The movie in this channel present 3 major topics: 1. Social Justice; 2. Sport Psychology (High Human Performance); and 3. Wisdom. Most of these movies are. Title Slide of Puterea mintii-iordache-botta. Puterea mintii-iordache-botta. views. Share; Like; Download.

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Hall The new middle ages. Accordingly, the intent of my proposed doctoral studies is to help formulate a conceptual model of wisdom that a would consolidate and expand historical teachings about wisdom, and b could be used by scientists across disciplines and cultural boundaries.

VariedFolkWorld Asia. Wisdom will never be found in a sociopath, a con man, or a criminal – and that is because wisdom cannot blossom, cannot grow and cannot reside in the minds of such individuals.

Jordache Bota

The 11 books that I published on this subject, as the result of my research, present wisdom stories, wisdom parables, wisdom teachings, wisdom lessons, wisdom quotes and wisdom sayings, not only from the ancient sages, but also from many other wise people, who have lived on this earth from the beginning of time until now were consulted. I anticipate this research study will definitively improve upon the understanding of wisdom.

It was a night when I started to look upon myself as a person without a country, but at the same time — a citizen of this world. My long term goal is to return to Romania and continue my work in helping that country align with the demands of a civilized world.

Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence Published by: They do major things. Along with Jacqui Smith, Ursula M. At that very moment, I promised myself that I will fight communism, I will work hard, I will not quit and I will do something meaningful for the United Nations Organization and for the people of this world. To write this book, I had to go back through the centuries, tracing and uncovering the wisdom that lay at the core of the most powerful philosophies, teachings and religions of the world.

There was more, and I felt that I had to discover it.

There were times when I was feeding myself healthy foods, and irodache were times when I was starving myself to death on hunger strikes. There were times when I was well feed and there were times when I was hungry. However, after completing my research and writing this book, I felt that there was still something else.


Wisdom is something that is shared by only these who are wise. And then, one day init hit me. Maxims and reflectionsBucharest, Romania: The book is pages long, in letter format. News TalkWorld AsiaDiscussion. Wise men say that it is impossible to understand Christianity without learning first about the life and work of Jesus Christ – the son of God.

So far, I have published 11 books on wisdom.

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Simon and Schuster Carnegie, D. The words used in these sentences have something magic and mystic in them. I am very passionate about such a course, because I see its relevance in the life of people throughout the world. Meeting these people was a great experience and provided me with valuable insights on the way they iordaache wisdom, and I am very thankful to them. EasyNews Updates. She departed from continuing researching wisdom, because, as she put it: I select a good person and follow his example, iodache I see a bad person and correct it in myself.

The OMSAT The Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment Tool test, on which I was involved in the development and which continued to be corrected and adjusted by other graduate students who came after me at Ottawa University to measure these mental skills – has in time been validated and has recently been made publicly available.

Orlick and Salmela have further suggested that these mental tools are in fact some seeds some mental seeds that we should plant in our lives — before becoming capable to reap the rewards of high human performances. I need any help I can get from you people. They have somehow, started the germination process of these magical seeds.

Adrian Iordache – Teammates | Transfermarkt

Each and every dish offered to me by these wise men was great. Wise men also say that it is impossible to understand wisdom without learning first the life and work of the wise men who have lived on this earth from the beginning of time.

This book is a true encyclopaedia of wisdom, and could be used as a treasured gift to be kept in the family from generation to generations, and to be passed from parents to children and then grandchildren.


Fighting the liars, the crooks and the thieves from the Romanian Justice system, the Romanian Health system and the Romanian Educational system controlled still iordahce the former communistswas not an easy task. Bywhen she received the above mentioned grant, Ardelt had already done extensive research in the field of wisdom and was well prepared to work in the development of the 3D-WS Three Dimensional Wisdom Test.

The intent of my proposed doctoral studies is to further expand our iordahce of wisdom by developing an interdisciplinary and universal conceptual model of wisdom.

In fact wisdom is something that most of the people who achieve high levels of human performances could and most of them would be rewarded – as a result of their hard and honest work, of their perseverance and persistence on doing what they set up doing, of their belief in themselves and the important things they believe in, of their humbleness in their interactions with the others, and of their compassion towards all the other human beings.

If people of this world would be compassionate wise — there will never be any wars… anymore! That was my first night of freedom. These books received great reviews from Romanian priests, lawyers, judges, educators and readers from all walks of life. By opening these doors, we will be able to make this world a much better place to live in; not only for us — but especially for our children, for our children-children, and for all the future generations that would come and populate this wonderful planet, which we call today – earth.

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I was terrorized of the thought of being sent back to the communists. However, after completing my research and writing the book, I felt that there was something else… something that I was missing!

What I discovered there was fully revealed in this book.