Import and Export through the Command Line. ‹ Import .. If necessary, you can find links for downloading JDBC drivers from the Jaspersoft Community website. To prevent horizontal truncation of an Ad Hoc report when exported, set the Actual Size option in the Ad Hoc Editor. Excel (Paginated). XLS. Not recommended. As a Jaspersoft administrator, you can export and import the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting content. This content includes organizations, Ad.

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Includes all attributes that are associated with a item being exported, such as a user, an organization, or the root. The following table describes the export parameters that can be specified in the parameters option:. This option should only be used if Japerserver are specified.

For more information about the settings in this file, see the JasperReports Server Installation Guide. None of the folders or resources in a Temp folder are exported. Run the following command: The following examples are typical import commands on Windows: Otherwise, a directory with files and sub-directories is created as a uncompressed set of files.

In addition, it recurses through all its subfolders. The Settings pages for system administrators include a user interface to simplify the import procedure.

For a folder URI, this option exports the scheduled jobs of all reports in the folder and recursively in all subfolders. Exporting a user includes all user attributes and, in order jaspererver maintain consistency, also exports all roles assigned to the user. The repository catalog must have been created by the export interface or the js-export command, either as a ZIP archive file or a folder structure.


How to import the entire content of jaspersoft from one instance to other

If a folder is specified, the export operation exports all resources and folders contained in the folder. Check Export Everything to export the entire repository, including permissions and report jobs, as well as all organizations, users, and roles. Use this option to import catalogs without overwriting currently defined users.

Determines whether the system configuration is updated from the catalog. If any server settings have been modified in the UI, those are included as well. When server settings are imported, they take effect as soon as the server is started. All URIs are repository paths originating at the root. User properties are imported with the user. Restores access events date, time, jasperserrver username of last modification on imported resources. The export file format is a ZIP file or a set of files under a new directory name.

In this case, all associated resources such as images, subreports, data sources, resource bundles, and class files are exported. Importing From the Command Line. If a folder is specified, the export operation exports all resources and folders contained in the folder. Select one or more resources using Control- and Shift-click in expprt main panel, or when viewing the repository, select a folder in the left-hand panel.


Include monitoring data for all resources and users in the export.

In addition, when listing user names, enclose the list in single quotation marks ‘as shown in this Linux example:. Jaspesrerver the Include repository permissions box to export resources and folders without permissions.

The export Service | Jaspersoft Community

This option should only be used if roles are specified. Products Solutions Services Resources. Then you must enter the keystore password when prompted by the import command. If any server settings have been modified in the UI, those are included as well.

The default behavior when a resource is found in the target repository that has the same URI as the resource that you are attempting to import is to skip the creation operation and leave the existing resource unchanged no overwrite occurs.

Exporting From the Command Line.

See administering JasperReports Server. To delete the existing resource and replace hasperserver with a new one of the same type and with the same URIuse the –update option.