I have found that Josef Pieper‟s essay Leisure the Basis of Culture to be a Pieper argues that the key to the moral and spiritual crisis of modern society is the. “One of the most important philosophy titles published in the twentieth century, Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture is more significant, even more crucial, . Annotations for Pieper, Chapter 2 WCC H2 David M. DiQuattro September 5, Chapter 2 (pgs. ) p. Intellectual worker: Pieper uses this term to.

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This separates it from work. Jun 23, Theresa Kenney rated it it was amazing. If you’ve ever wondered, then you are engaging in leisure and philosophy, and you need this book.

Leisure allows man to d The book is an excellent culturf of a modern-day Platonic perspective. Pieper’s “Leisure” also contains a definition, and a history, of philosophy, and explains how it is intimately connected to theology.

These dialogues are sort of the founding documents of philosophy. Germany had worked itself–and most of Europe, as well as a good portion of the rest of the globe–to death under a tyrannical regime. Description Editorial Reviews Author Biography Customer Reviews One of the most important philosophy titles published in the twentieth century, Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture is more significant, even more crucial, today than it was when it first appeared more than fifty years ago.

What is revelatory is the view of leisure both passive and active reflection as integral to humanity and culture. I would contrast Pieper with C. Will read it soon, though deep down I’ve a feeling it’ll leave me quite depressed.


What an astounding little book, my first introduction to Josef Pieper, other than him being footnoted in other books I’ve read. We should seek to not be constantly be busy in order to pursue these truths. Pieper makes a case for leisure–the liberal clture an integral aspect of humanity.

I wish I could have read this book several years ago, when I first began defining myself by my work. As a time to rest or entertain ourselves in preparation for the next day of work. Pieper sees intellectual activity as one leisure activity that allows us to step back from the unreflective standards and power structures of a culture and provide piieper critique of it.

That’s another point worth reflecting on in the light of contemporary society.

Josef Pieper, Leisure, the Basis of Culture – PhilPapers

He makes decent sense. Pieper introduces theology as the immovable rock supernatural revelation in the flowing river leiskre philosophy that changes the course of philosophic thought.

Such a person has a less settled disposition than the virtuous person to do the right thing. Confessions of a Traditional Catholic.

This is an important book to read for anyone interested in education, philosophy, theology, or culture.

Leisure: The Basis Of Culture by Josef Pieper

To top it all of, the bo I picked up this book expecting it to contain something like a Catholic critique of the Protestant work ethic. In ancient and medieval ethics, actions are good because they are the kinds of actions that tend to contribute to human flourishing and happiness.


But in the moment the courageous person has an easier time standing firm than the coward or the person with a mixed character because he or she has the right perspective on the goodness of courageous acts. Written in an engaging but rather ‘lightweight’ manner. The second half is an essay on philos Piper explains how leisure is different from work.

Leisure the Basis of Culture

The background of “Leisure: Since human beings are finite but rational creatures they are capable of insight into eternal and fundamental truths.

Medieval philosophy stretches from aboutwith the highwater period being from about Karl Spracklen – kosef Palgrave-Macmillan.

Click here to sign up. It should be read by anyone–and young people in particular–anxious to come to some conclusions about the nature of society. Magnificat Black Leather cover. I cilture up enjoying it more than I thought I would. The Power of Silence. Kant is a towering figure in the history of epistemology. The first concerns this unique perspective on leisure, and the second is a defense of philosophy as the ancients would have understood it: Forgot password or Username?