The Journal of Dental Hygiene. Halitosis: A Review of Current Literature. Brenda L. Armstrong Key Words: halitosis, oral malodor, bad breath, assessment. Halitosis is known as bad breath that emanates from the oral cavity either intra- oral .. Canadian Dental Association/L’Association Dentaire Canadienne Journal. Click here to view optimized website for mobile devices Journal is Halitosis or oral malodor is an offensive odor originating from the oral.

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Halitosis: From diagnosis to management

References related to jurna common problem are rare and, this article gives an overview on the different aspects of halitosis. Because of difficulties of gas chromatography and less sensitivity of sulfide monitors, a more sensitive and easy device was made. Sometimes people can think have halitosis in spite of they have no measurable halitosis.

The jurnak dorsum can be a shelter for these bacteria. Oxford University Press; J Dent Hyg ; It is significant to highlight the necessity of an interdisciplinary method for the treatment of halitosis to prevent misdiagnosis or unnecessary treatment.

Human breath is composed of highly complex substances with numerous variable odors which can generate unpleasant situations like halitosis. Med Princ Pract ; Besides VSCs, ammonia is another important factor in halitosis.


The other VSC is dimethyl sulfide which mainly responsible for extra-oral or blood-borne halitosis,[ 20 ] but it can be a contributor to oral malodor. Effect of oral hygiene instruction and scaling on oral malodour in a population of Turkish children with gingival inflammation. Gas chromatography Measurement with the gas chromatography method is considered to be highly objective, reproducible, and reliable.

Halitosis – An overview: Part-I – Classification, etiology, and pathophysiology of halitosis

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This article has been cited by.

Disclosing tablets help identify teeth and tooth surfaces that are being missed [10]. A study comparing self-reported and clinical data. Effect of photodynamic therapy in the reduction of halitosis in patients with multiple sclerosis: Reduction of oral malodor by oxidizing lozenges.

Advising patients on halitosis and oral hygiene | Learning article | Pharmaceutical Journal

J Can Dent Assoc ; Oral malodour and its association with age and sex in a general population in Brazil. Its protective function is mainly due to cleansing action causing constant removal of bacteria and food debris, and the anti-bacterial property is attributed to the presence of salivary Ig A, lysozyme, lactoferrin, and several glycoproteins.


Prevalence of breath malodour in 7- year-old children living in Middle Haltosis, Turkey. Prevalence of halitosis in the population of the city of Bern, Switzerland: Quality and readability of internet-based information on halitosis. Pharmaceutics — Dosage Form and Design removes ahlitosis complexity from the major dosage forms that are commonly encountered by pharmacists in professional practice.

Perceptual and motor skills. A study comparing self-reported and clinical data.

Halitosis: a review article | International Journal of Current Research

Clinical characteristics of halitosis: Clinical efficacy of a new tooth and tongue gel applied with a tongue cleaner in reducing oral halitosis. Xerostomic conditions causing reduction in salivary flow causes a negative halitosid on the self-cleansing action of saliva and produces odoriferous volatile compounds.

Oral habits in school going children of Delhi: Enumeration of possible etiological sources[ 9141516halitois18192021 ] is given in Table 1. Halitosis — An assessment protocol proposal.

Between the past, present, and future. Int J Dent Hyg ;8: