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Welding Engineering More problems occur at welds than anywhere else in structural and process equipment applications.

Na-Ka Cathodic Protection / Katodik Koruma

API Inspections Covers the in-service inspection, rating, repair, and alteration procedures for metallic and FRP piping systems and their associated pressure relieving devices that have been in-service. Visual Inspection Material errors at the surface can indicate issues such as fractures or cracks. API Inspections Covers koruam inspection, repair, alteration and reconstruction of steel aboveground storage tanks used in the petroleum and chemical industries.

FFS – Fitness-for-Service Fitness-for-Service, is defined as the korumz to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component containing a flaw. Remaining Life Time Assesment The services provided for the calculation and reporting of the remaining lifetime of the equipment Underwater inspections are planned and executed to verify the cathodic protection level of platform steel jackets and subsea pipelines and to assess the consumption of galvanic anodes.

  DCD F100 PDF

The inspection can be extended to the shallow water shore approaches of the pipelines and to their on land portions. Inspection of subsea pipelines is performed with probes installed on R handled by diver, recording the potential and the gradient profile. Underwater Cathodic Protection Inspection.

Underwater Magnetic Particle Testing Discussions with inspection diving contractors revealed a requirement for a fully portable underwater Iatodik unit capable of being used by divers in shallow water or tidal conditions.

Positive Material Identification Positive Material Identification is rapidly emergingas an internal part of process safety management and quality control in many industries such as electric power generation Ferrite Content Testing Austenitic, Duplex, Super Duplex stainless steels require adequate proportion of ferrite in the product to obtain Non Destructive Metallurgy Allows the inspector to find out the existing condition for microstructure of materials.

API Inspections Covers the in-service inspection, repair, alteration, and rerating activities for pressure vessels and the pressure- relieving devices protecting these vessels.


Third Party Inspection Services For the purpose of guaranteeing that the materials, products and facilities are manufactured in accordance with the requests of the customer Corrosion Engineering Corrosion attacks valuable industrial components daily.

Korozyon ve Katodik Koruma Alanэnda Mьhendislik

Pre Heating Services Thermal stresses occur as molten weld pools cool at which point cracking can occur both during and after welding. Bizi Sosyal Medyada Takip Edebilirsiniz. Underwater Thickness Measurement Some corrosion survey applications involve situations such as measuring the thickness of support pilings or boat hulls that are submerged in water.

C Scan – Corrosion Mapping Corrosion mapping by ultrasonics is a non intrusive non invasive matodik which maps material thickness using ultrasonic techniques.

Condition Survey This is a katocik and reporting study conducted for the purposes of determining the suitability for operation