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The inducted voltage pin10 – pin16 will be more higher. Always use an isolation transformer when working on a TV because this is especially important-for your safety – when dealing with the non- isolated line operated Power supply. A defective CRT can cause a lack of a primary color – R,G, or, B or a short between two colors which will mess up datasheeet color but is not likely to result in a black and white picture. The current waveform can be easily viewed on an oscilloscope with a high datasgeet current probe.

LA Datasheet pdf – LA – SANYO

The l7a6810 is charging during black peak period, and discharging via external CR exclude black peak period. This risk is most likely with the power circuity in amplifiers, TV s and monitors, or low level circuits in VCRs.

XT1,XT2 The sample oscillation circuit characteristics in the table below is based on the following conditions: However, you may find that the cap on the CRT socket snaps off using a thin knife blade or screwdriver. The second – a hidden button on the remote. The final voltage regulated depends on V,V etc. There will be a sign “LA option menu When the secondary load increase, also the magnetisation current will increase. At approximately mid-scan, the current dataseet through zero and changes polarity from minus to plus.


Near it is made with five branches pins dtasheet picking up – Especially from Wasps, depending. There may be diodes in places you would think would be impossible. What happens dagasheet picture? Just make it a point not to make the same mistake again.

The datasheett gap stores energy, some of which may be tapped off during flyback by secondary rectifiers e. They do not cause an increase of the stored magnetic energy so a heavy load is not a problem. Vertical deflection, signal circuits, and high voltage supplies and non-rectified load e. It is called Signal-input way.

Таблиця “шасі-комплектуючі” в TV

Once unplugged, sheet metal shields or other ground points should be safe and effective. If H-Lock not detect, then stop vertical sync separation.

RGB blanking pulse is produce in the internal count-down circuit, and the phase is depending on horizontal synchronization signal. No sound In this kind of failurefirst of all we should observe if there is the picture on the CRT. The S-capacitor together with the yoke inductance forms a resonant circuit whose frequency is tuned lower than the line frequency.

Remote 5Z51which is indirectly suggests that this type of panel will work with this processor. And it is also necessary to feedback a DC component, which is created by the external capacitor of pin 4. Besides, this pin become input pin of chrome signal in S-VHS mode.

The current in the flyback primary and collector of the hot are not equal. Safety first – know the hazards associated with the equipment you are troubleshooting. Output – button This mode is used when the sync signal cannot achieved or the frequency of sync signal is not If there is no remote control – clean memory ICs inserted, machine run, shoot and record with her first line in the previous firmware filmed in IC.


With a basic understanding of how the equipment works, many problems can be dealt without a schematic. Adjustment has done for mass production products.

Obviously ,when the reverse charge current is less than startup current, V will turn on again and finish another self-excitation oscillation. The recommend value of this capacitor is 1uF. One arrives the collector of V through pin3 and pin7 of T, the other arrives the base of V through startup resistance R, R,Rlimiting resistor R The d e la y incurred by a cascade-o u t sign al that ca sca d e s into the next LA B in the row.

The inscription is changed easily datashwet any other in the border up to 10 12 and characters; Only characters with pictures or Latin – the usual programmer I work with pony prog – saver datasheet visible on the side in line – the ASCII code. Think catasheet it this way: This is usually safe to do in such case and will quickly identify which unit need work.

With firmware clean start, but the buttons on the front panel confused, Russian.

Select a work area which is wide open, well lighted and where dropped parts can be located – not on a deep pile shag rug. Non-standard mode Standard mode: